Assistant Professor Roderick Bates

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Assistant Professor BATES Roderick W.
School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Nanyang Technological University
1 Nanyang Walk, Block 5, Level 3
Singapore 637616

Tel: (+65) 6790 3737
Fax: (+65) 6316 698

Educational and Professional Qualifications
1986 B.Sc. First Class Honour, Imperial College, London
1989 PhD, Imperial College, London, Advisor: Prof S.V. Ley
1996 - 1997 Consultant, Chulabhorn Research Institute, Thailand
Member and Chartered Chemist, Royal Society of Chemistry
Member, International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry
Academic Career History
1989 - 1991 SERC-NATO postdoctoral fellow (with Prof L.S. Hegedus), Colorado State University
1991 - 1995 Assistant Professor, University of North Texas, USA
1995 - 1996 Guest lecturer, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
1996 - 1998 Guest Lecturer, Mahidol University, Thailand
1996 - 2000 Lecturer, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
1998 to now Guest Lecturer, King Mongut's University of Technology, Thonburi, Thailand
2000 - 2003 Scientist, Chulabhorn Research Institute, Thailand
2003 - 2005 Lecturer, University of Exeter, UK
Development of reactions for the synthesis of natural products and other interesting molecules, particularly using transition metals, and focussing on the control of stereochemistry. PhD Scholarships are available.
Synthesis of Sedum Alkaloids
e have developed the use of hydroxylamines as tethered nitrogen nucleophiles in transition metal mediated cyclisation reactions. This has resulted in a total synthesis of the natural product (+)-sedamine. The synthesis of other alkaloids using this chemistry is in hand.
Allene Cyclisation Reactions
The cyclisation of allenes with tethered nucleophiles has been known for many years, but has been neglected as a synthetic method. This is a powerful and mild method for ring formation which we are applying to a range of target molecules, as well as studying the factors that influence the stereoselectivity of the reaction.
Natural Product Synthesis
We are interested in the synthesis of a range of natural products, including allomatrine, sedinine, tuberostemospironine and croomine.

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