School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Nanyang Technological University


Dr. HUANG, Wei Min

Associate Professor
Tel: (65) 6790 4859
Fax: (65) 6791 1859
Office: N3.2-02-11




  BEng: Civil Engineering Department, Southeast University, PR China 

  MEng: Civil Engineering Department, Southeast University, PR China 

  PhD: Engineering Department, Cambridge University, UK


  Research interests

  Shape memory materials and technologies 

o   Shape memory alloys

o   Shape memory polymers 

o   Shape memory hybrids

o   Advanced shape memory technologies

Shape memory materials (Materials Today)

An introduction to shape memory materials (

Shape memory polymers (SMPs) - current research and future applications (

Shape memory polymers (Webinar for Society of Plastic Engineering [SPE])


  Stretchable and comfort fitting

  Actuator design, MEMS and thin films

  Self-healing, degradable materials and applications

  Laser microfabrication and local annealing

  Surface patterning

  Assembly, disassembly and packaging

  Deployable, bi-stable structures

  Materials selection

  Yield surface of materials


  Video clips [shape memory materials, shape memory effect, etc

  Publications: representative

  Finished thesis/dissertation

  Projects by undergraduate students

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