Ultimate Investments: 

Master your Mind, Grow your Heart

........your best investments you will ever make  are in these two vital areas that will put you on the right track to guaranteed success.

This seminar is the next step forward for participants who have attended the "Inner Power and Self Confidence" seminar.

What you you learn from this session:

-Your current success is directly related to your current beliefs.  Are you happy with the result?

-Your inner beliefs that hold you back are just bad programs. Its not your fault.

-Why many people sabotage their own successes.

-Why many people attract unhappiness, low esteem, low performance in their jobs, social and material lives.

-Giving up the need to be “Right”

-Managing that little voice in your head.

-The Mind is a terrible Master but a wonderful Servant.

-Why it is not 'Mind over Body' but 'Heart over Mind'.

-The beauty  of ‘Spirit’ or ‘Heart’ guided living.

What is required from you:
-Please bring some writing material.
-Please be punctual as late comers will prevent those present from gaining the maximum benefit from the session.
-Your commitment to 100% participation during the session.
-No phones interruption, no leaving early etc....

This program is an experiential 3 hour seminar. This seminar will bring clarity, awareness and better understanding of your life.   Achieving purpose and success in all aspects of your lives to a whole new level.

Future Dates to be announced......

If you wish to attend the next program, please email me at the email address below to register. I will then inform you of the next session when there is enough people.

NTU Staff and General public are welcome to register and attend. However priority will be given to NTU Engineering students.

Email: mkhheng[a]ntu.edu.sg   (please use the usual @ for the email)  This is to reduce spamming


To your success .....

Dr. John Heng

School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Nanyang Technological University


"Whatever good you have is all from God.

 Whatever evil, all is from yourself."... The KORAN