"Inner Power and Self Confidence"

........to give you the confidence in what ever you do as you go out to face the working world.


Do you realize that your Level of Success is directly equal to your Inner Power and Self Confidence Level?

What you will learn from this seminar:

-What is holding you back.
-Why you are not achieving your full potential.

-Do you react or respond to a situation?

-Why stress is just your bad reaction to a situation that you create in your mind. It does actually not exist.
-Why you are much more capable than what you think you can.
-The untapped inner power that we all have but never use.
-Why it is your destiny to succeed.

This and more will be revealed to you at this seminar.
At this session you will start to discover the inner power and confidence that is in you all this while waiting to be set free.

What is required from you:
-Please bring some writing material.
-Please be punctual as late comers will prevent those present from gaining the maximum benefit from the session.
-Your commitment to 100% participation during the session.
-No phones interruption, no leaving early etc....

This program is approximately 2 hours. Time will fly by very quickly  and you will thoroughly enjoy the seminar.

This program is an experiential seminar where exercises and activities will be done.  It is not a boring 2 hr talking session.

Session Date and Location:  Future dates to be announced

If you wish to attend the next program, please email me at the email address below to register. I will then inform you of the next session when there is enough people.

NTU Staff and General public are welcome to register and attend. However priority will be given to NTU Engineering students.

Email: mkhheng[a]ntu.edu.sg   (please use the usual @ for the email)  This is to reduce spamming

Testimonies from previous participants

"Excellent Idea of incorporating personal development in university studies. Students will get enriched more and excel in studies".........Vince Chan

"Very Fun and Interesting Session".....Huang Wenyao

"It makes me feel free, fresh and confident".......Swe Zin Aung

"I am very proud to be in MAE, having teacher like you that is willing to go an extra mile teaching us more than just normal academic material. Great!".......Andre Jusuf

"Thank you for conducting two hours of your time to realize myself better to the upper level of mind and wisdom"....Nyi Nui Tun

This program is conducted as a "Gift" to my students.


To your success .....

Dr. John Heng

School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Nanyang Technological University


"Everyman is free to rise as far as he's able or willing,

 but it's only the degree to which he thinks that determines the degree to which he'll rise."  - AYN  RAND