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Ng Bee Chin


Associate Professor
Linguistics and Multilingual Studies,
School of Humanities,

Associate Dean (Graduate Education),
College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences,

Nanyang Technological University


Ng Bee Chin works in the area of bilingualism and multilingualism with a focus on the impact of language contact on individuals and the community they live in. Her research approach is to explore both cognitive and social aspects of language use. Currently, she is working on language and emotion in multilinguals, language attitudes, identity and social categorisation and communicative aspects of aging. A common thread running through her research is the connection between the self and the social. The self (person) and the community is intricately bound and to fully understand language use, we need to understand the communities we live in. Invariably, our social interactions will have an impact on the way information is organized cognitively and she continues to navigate the nexus between these two fields. She is currently the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
I am currently working on several projects dealing with the intersection between social and cognitive aspects of bilingualism. The topics that engage me include:
1. The way emotion is encoded in bilinguals
2. Language and emotion across the lifespan
3. Language attitude and identity in multilingual contexts
4. Language accommodation and multilingualism
5. Language and ageing
Some of these projects have led to rewarding interdisciplinary collaborations with artists, designers, engineers and psychologists. For an examples of such interdisciplinary work, see the following abstract on a sound installation titled “Singapore Voices”. I am also involved in an interdisciplinary research cluster on Digital Intangible Heritage of Asia (DIHA).