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Selected Journal Papers

·        Peng, M., and Xiang, L. (2021) Correlation-based joint feature screening for semi-competing risks outcomes with application to breast cancer data. Accepted by Statistical methods in Medical Research.

·        Liu, X. and Xiang, L. (2021) Generalized Accelerated Hazards Mixture Cure Models with Interval-censored Data. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 161, 107248.

·        Yu, T., Xiang, L. and Wang, H. J. (2020) Quantile regression for survival data with covariates subject to detection limits. Biometrics, to appear, https: //        

·        Ha, I. D., Xiang, L., Peng, M., Jeong, J-H and Lee, Y. (2020) Frailty modelling approaches for semi-competing risks data. Lifetime Data Analysis, 26(1) : 109-133.         

·        Peng, M., and Xiang, L. (2019) Joint regression analysis for survival data in the presence of two sets of semi-competing risks. Biometrical Journal, 61(6): 1402-1416.  

·        Huang, R., Xiang, L. and Ha, I. D. (2019) Frailty mean residual life regression for survival data from multi-center clinical trials: a hierarchical quasi-likelihood method. Statistics in Medicine 38 , 4854-4870.

·        Zhao, Y., Zhao, J., Xiang, L., Khanal, V., Binns, C.W. and Lee, A. H. (2019) A two-part mixed-effects model for analyzing clustered time-to-event data with clumping at zero: application to breastfeeding outcomes. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 187 , 105196,

·        Liu, L. and Xiang, L. (2019) Missing covariate data in generalized linear mixed models with distribution-free random effects. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 134 , 1-16.

·        Szabo, Z., Liu, X. and Xiang, L. (2019) Sieve maximum likelihood estimation for accelerated hazards model with interval-censored data. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 205 , 175-192.

·        Peng, M., Xiang, L. and Wang, S. (2018) Semiparametric regression analysis of clustered semi-competing risks data. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 124, 53-70. .

·        Wang, S. and Xiang L. (2017) Two-layer EM algorithm for ALD mixture regression: a new solution to composite quantile regression. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 115, 136-154.

·        Wang, S. and Xiang L. (2017) Penalized empirical likelihood inference for sparse additive hazards regression with a diverging number of covariates. Statistics and Computing 27,1347-1364. DOI:10.1007/s11222-016-9690-x.                                                    

·        Wang, S., Hu, T., Xiang, L. and Cui, H (2016) Generalized M-estimation for the accelerated failure time model. Statistics 50, 114-138.

·        Hu T. and Xiang L. (2014) Partially linear transformation cure models for interval censored data. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis,

·        Liu L. and Xiang L. (2014) Semiparametric estimation in generalized linear mixed models with auxiliary covariates: a pairwise likelihood approach. Biometrics 70, 910-919.

·        Hu T. and Xiang L. (2013) Efficient Estimation for Semiparametric Cure Models with Interval-censored Data. Journal of Multivariate Statistics 121, 139-151.

·        Ma, X. and Xiang L. (2013) Testing for the Presence of a Cure Fraction in Clustered Interval-Censored Survival Data. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics 55, 173-190.

·        Xiang, L., Yau, K.K.W. and Lee, A.H. (2012) Robust Estimation Method for Finite Mixture of Poisson Mixed-effect Models. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 56, 1994-2005.

·        Lee A.H. and Xiang L. (2011) Mixture Analysis of Heterogeneous Physical Activity Outcomes. Annals of Epidemiology 21, 780-786.  

·        Xiang L., Ma, X. and Yau K.K.W. (2011) Mixture Cure Model with Random Effects for Clustered and Interval-censored Survival Data. Statistics in Medicine 30, 995-1006.

·        Xiang L. and Teo G.S. (2011) A Note on Tests for Zero-inflation in Correlated Count Data, Communications in Statistics- Simulation and Computation 40, 992-1005.

·        Lee A.H., Zhao Y, Yau K.K.W and Xiang L. (2010) How To Analyze Longitudinal Multilevel Physical Activity Data with Many Zeros? Preventive Medicine 51, 476-481.

·        Lee A.H., Xiang L., and Hirayama, F. (2010) Modelling Physical Activity Outcomes: a Two-stage Generalized Estimating Equations Approach. Epidemiology 21, pp. 626-630,

·        Xiang, L., Yau, K.K.W., Lee, A.H. and Hui, Y.V. (2008) Minimum Hellinger Distance Estimation for k-Component Poisson Mixture with Random Effects. Biometrics 64, pp. 508-518.

·        Xiang, L. and Tsung, F. (2008) Statistical Monitoring of Multi-stage Processes Based on Engineering Models. IIE Transactions 40, pp. 957-970.     Winner, 2009 Best Paper Award, IIE Transactions on Quality and Reliability Engineering.

·        Xiang, L., Yau, K.K.W. and Tse, S.K. (2008) Influence Diagnostics for Stratified Ordinal Contingency Tables. Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation 78, pp. 405-415.      

·        Xiang, L., Yau, K.K.W., Tse, S.K and Lee, A.H. (2007) Influence Diagnostics for Random Effect Survival Models: Application to a Recurrent Infection Study for Kidney patients on Portable Dialysis. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 51, pp. 5977-5993.

·        Xiang, L. (2007) A Review of Introduction to Bayesian Statistics. IIE Transactions 39, pp. 829.

·        Fung, W. K., Gu, H., Xiang, L. and Yau, K.K.W. (2007) Assessing Local Influence in Principal Components Analysis with Application to Haematology Study Data. Statistics in Medicine 26, pp. 2730-2744.

·        Xiang, L., Lee, A.H., Yau, K.K.W. and McLachlan, G.J. (2007) A Score Test for Overdispersion in Zero-inflated Poisson Mixed Regression Model. Statistics in Medicine 26, pp. 1608-1622.

·        Xiang, L., Lee, A.H., Yau, K.K.W. and McLachlan, G.J. (2006) A Score Test for Zero-Inflation in Correlated Count Data. Statistics in Medicine 25, pp. 1660-1671.

·        Tsung, F., Zhao Y., Xiang, L. and Jiang, W. (2006) Improved Design of Proportional Integral Derivative Charts. Journal of Quality Technology 38, pp. 31-44.

·        Xiang, L., Yau, K.K.W. Lee, A.H. and Fung, W.F. (2005) Influence Diagnostics for Two-Component Poisson Mixture Regression Models: Applications in Public Health. Statistics in Medicine 24, pp. 3053-3071.                                                          

·        Xiang, L. and Tse, S.K. (2005) Maximum Likelihood Estimation in Survival Studies Under Progressive Interval Censoring with Random Removals.  Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics 15, pp. 981-991.

·        Xiang, L. and Lee, A.H. (2005) Sensitivity of Test for Overdispersion in Poisson Regression. Biometrical Journal 47, pp. 167-176.             

·        Lee, A.H., Xiang, L. and Fung, W.K. (2004) Sensitivity of Score Tests for Zero-Inflation in Count Data. Statistics in Medicine 23, pp. 2757-2769.            


Book Chapters

·        Lee A.H., Xiang L. and Fumi H., A two-part generalized linear mixed modeling approach to analyze physical activity outcomes. BIOMETRICS: Theory, Applications, and Issues 2010, New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 

·        Hu, G., Qiu, Y., and Xiang, L., Kernel-based Reinforcement Learning. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2006, Volume 4113, pp. 757-766, Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer.

·        Tse, S.K. and Xiang, L, Outlier Detection in Clinical Research. Encyclopedia of Biopharmaceutical Statistics 2003, 2nd edition, New York: Marcel Dekker, Inc.

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