"If you can scramble an egg, tie your own shoelaces, or stumble onto the light switch at night ...
then you can learn how to juggle!"
- Juggling for the Complete Klutz


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  3. Juggling and me
  4. Learning to Juggle
  5. Learn to pass
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Hi there,

Welcome to my juggling page. I have always wanted to write something like this to share with everyone. It is my hope to see more people here in Singapore take up juggling as a hobby and art.

Juggling is not difficult, as it may seem. You don't need super-human hand-eye co-ordination to accomplish this feat. I bet you can do a simple three-ball cascade within two weeks!

So what are you waiting for? Bend your knees and GO!

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Happy Juggling!
Koah Fong

Juggling in Singaporeclub-icn.gif

Juggling is not a popular activity in Singapore compared to the national past time of shopping. But hopefully the juggling bug spreads and more people get infected. At least now there's a group of us who are infected. So everytime we meet, we throw things at each other - and enjoy doing so!

Photos/Articles of Singapore Jugglersclub-icn.gif

Here are some photos and articles of us and our antics.

Juggling and meclub-icn.gif

Just a story here and what I am currently practicing (plus some tricks I discovered). Check it out as it is quite updated.
Here's my article on learning 5-ball cascade.
Check here if you are interested what juggling equipment I own.

Learning to juggleclub-icn.gif

There's already so much info on the Internet to help beginners to juggle. Here are some of the good ones I found.

Learn to Passclub-icn.gif

Juggling alone can be quite boring and lonely. Why not learn to pass? It's a very healthy social activity but mind boggling at times. Whenever I make successful passes of a difficult trick, it really sets the adrenaline pumping. Juggler's high.

You can start learning by passing balls first. And clubs will always add a new dimension. For software simulations, try the Jongl program. Here are some helpful links.

Juggling Softwareclub-icn.gif

Still couldn't catch? Maybe this would help. Try some of the following juggling animations.

Interesting readingclub-icn.gif

Most of the links here are from the Juggling Information Service (JIS), a juggler's paradise.

Try making your own props!club-icn.gif

Juggling is a cheap hobby. You may not even need to spend a cent! Here are some ways to make your own equipment.


Prop vendorsclub-icn.gif

Some props just can't be made as beautifully as those done by the professionals. Every juggler seem to have bought at least one set of their equipment. For me, I own a set of Dube Custom Europeans and home made bean bags.

These vendors make the finest juggling equipment around. Quality is assured and there shouldn't be problems in passing with another juggler.

Brian Dube Inc., Juggling Equipment Renegade Henrys (German site) Oddballs International Ltd Mr Babache Yoho Diabolos

Other vendors where you can purchase equipment or instructional materials. You can make your orders on-line.

More to come .... So please visit again.

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