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Description: Description: Description: Description: \\web\home\hw\images\WangHanPhoto.jpgPeople in non-Chinese speaking countries call me Han Wang. This is a recent photo of me. Click it, you may see my face in 3D(need VRML viewer, it was taken 15 years ago, and I was not that old.). My recent projects are:


  • USV Project for ST Electronics (unmanned speed boat)
  • Indoor SLAM for DSTA
  • AGV localisation under GPS challenged environment
  • Vision guided UAV navigation

Recent Publications


How to Reach Me?

  1. e-mail: add hw in front of @ntu.edu.sg
  2. Description: Description: Description: Description: \\web\home\hw\phone.gifphone: (65) 6790-4506(office, with answering machine)
  3. fax: (65) 6792-0415
  4. Description: Description: Description: Description: \\web\home\hw\mail.gifpost: School of EEE, S2, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 639798

My Students

Research Students

  1. Ping Guiju, PhD
  2. Jiang Yunxiang, PhD
  3. Chen Jiaying, PhD, USV, mapping
  4. Zhou Hui, PhD, Lane Detection
  5. A E MAHDI, PhD, visual SLAM for UAV
  6. Wu Keyu, PhD, UAV navigation
  7. K H HASITH RUCHIRAN, PhD, obstacle detection
  8. Zhang Handuo, PhD, Visual Odometry and fusion
  9. Soner Ulun, PhD, Multi-robot coordination
  10. Yuan Shenghai, PhD, UAV

The following have completed their study:

  1. Dr. Mou Xiaozheng, Unmanned Vehicles, China
  2. Dr. Yang Shuai, Horizon Robotics, Beijing
  3. Dr. Lim Kart Leong, Singapore
  4. Dr. Zhao Wei, Huawei, China
  5. Dr. Akshay Rao, PhD, SLAM, Rolls Royce/NTU
  6. Dr. Mou Wei, PhD, USA
  7. Dr. Ying Ying, PhD, 3D Face detection, Delphi Singapore
  8. Dr. Zhou Lubing, PhD, Eye detection, AStar
  9. Wang Sisong, MEng, 2D/3D Stairs Detection, Intellisys/NTU
  10. Dr. Liu Nan, PhD, Feature enhancement for finger prints, SGH
  11. Dr. Chen Cheng, PhD, AGV Navigation, INRIA
  12. Tang Yi, MSc
  13. Dr. Li Jun, PhD, Thumb Prints Analysis(Co-sup), i2R
  14. Dr. Wang Xiao, PhD, Genetic Algorithms, 3D Segmentation
  15. Miss Zhu Xiao Ling, MEng, Face Detection
  16. Lu Bee Seng, MSc, Sending Multimedia Message
  17. Dr. Shen Fei, PhD, Corner Detection and Camera Calibration
  18. Jiang Lin, Face Recognition, MSc
  19. Li Wei, Multi-agent System Study
  20. Wang Chun Miao, MEng, Image Processing (Co-sup.)
  21. Chin Yew Tuck, MEng, Sensor Fusion for AGV navigation, with MINDEF
  22. Ms. Li Yinghua, MSc, Path Finding for AGV, in USA
  23. Ms. Song Weilin, MEng, Image Mosaicing, with .com
  24. Ms. Dong Yu Yu, MEng, Image Synthesis, in USA
  25. Goh Ching Tard, MEng, "AGV Control Using DGPS", with Strategic Technology
  26. Tham Yeo Keong, MEng, "Outdoor AGV Navigation", with PSA
  27. Zheng Zhi Qiang, MEng, "Grey Level Corner Detection", with DHL
  28. Dr. Satishi Kaveti, PhD,  Surface analysis (Co-sup)
  29. Li Zheng, MEng, "3D Object Tracking", with Motorola
  30. Dr. Yau Wei Yun, PhD, "Active Hand-eye Coordination", with i2R/NTU

My Stamp Collection

Last updated 3rd March 2014.