SSCI-13 Best Paper Award Winners

The best overall paper award was presented to Andrew R Buck and James M Keller for their paper entitled “A Graph based Memetic Approach to Sketch Geolocation”.

The best student paper award was presented to Liam A. Comerford for his paper coauthored with Ioannis A. Kougioumtzoglou and Michael Beer and entitled "An Artificial Neural Network Based Approach for Power Spectrum Estimation and Simulation of Stochastic Processes Subject to Missing Data”. 

Three equivalent overall runners up were:

The SSCI-13 Best Paper Award Committee

Professors Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay (India), Dipankar Dasgupta (USA), Gui DeSouza (USA), Vladik Kreinovich (USA), Jane Jing Liang (PR China), and  N. Sundararajan (Singapore, Coordinator).


IEEE CIS Award Recipients

1) Outstanding Early Career Award was received by Dr. Zhi-Hua Zhou
2) Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award was received by Dr. Haiping Lu
3) Outstanding Chapter Award was received by Dr. Amit Kumar from Hyderabad Chapter, India.

(IEEE CIS award winners were selected by the IEEE CIS in June 2012.)