CIComms 2013

2013 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence for Communication Systems and Networks

Computational Intelligence (CI) is arguably one of the most powerful approaches for the optimization and design of complex communication systems and networks in order to meet the requirements and need of new challenging applications. In this framework, nature-inspired computational methodologies based on Fuzzy Logic Systems, Neural Networks and Evolutionary Computation have been effectively applied as demonstrated by the significant increase in the number of research publications and conferences/meetings organized worldwide. The introduction of innovative designs and advanced techniques is fundamental to offer new capabilities to the next-generation services and applications.

Although the research on the CI applications has reached an impressive state, there are still many new research topics for the applications of CI continually emerging, especially in communications and networking area such as antenna systems, microwave devices and technologies, signal processing, design of computer networks. This symposium aims at bringing researchers and engineers from academia and industry together to report, interact and review the latest progress of CI applications in communications and networking, to explore future directions of research and to publicize CI applications to a wider audience from diverse fields.


Authors are invited to submit their original and unpublished work in the areas including but not limited to Computational Intelligence for/in: 


Keynote, Tutorial and Panel Sessions

Please forward your proposals with detailed abstract and bio-sketches of the speakers to Symposium Co-Chairs and SSCI Keynote-Tutorial Chair, Dr S Das.

Special Sessions

Please forward your special session proposals to Symposium Co-Chairs.


Symposium Chair

Dr. Sasitharan Balasubramaniam,

Telecommunication Software and Systems Group, Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland


Symposium Co-Chairs

Dr. Maode Ma,

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,  Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Dr. Paolo Rocca,

Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science,  University of Trento, Italy


Program Committee (Provisional)

D. Botvich (Ireland)

T. Nakano (Japan)

K. Leibnitz (Japan)

Y. Qin (China)

D.  Jena (India)

H. Fu  (USA)

O. B. Akan (Turkey)

D. Malone (Ireland)

W. P. Cheah (Korea)

R. Kibria (Australia)

D. Meddour (France)

D. He (China)

A. Alphones (Singapore)

R. Ahmed (Bengladesh)

A. Massa (Italy)

H. Guo (Singapore)

B. Zarikoff (Ireland)

R. Langar (Canada)  

N. Bouabdallah (France)

P. Lio (UK)

R. Carroll (Ireland)

J. Suzuki (USA)

K. K. Wong (UK)

H. Wang (China)

Q. Ni (UK)