Keynotes, Plenaries, Invited Talks, Tutorials, etc.

My keynote, plenary, tutorial, invited talk related activities are listed below:


1.      To deliver 3 lectures at DeepLearn 2018 in Genoa, Italy in July 2018.

2.      To deliver 2 lectures at MESS 2018, Sicily, Italy in July 2018.

3.      To deliver a tutorial at CEC 2018 in Brazil in July.

4.      To deliver a tutorial at IJCNN 2018 in Brazil in July.

5.      Delivered IEEE CIS DLP in Sydney (UTS), June 2018.

6.      Delivered IEEE CIS DLP in Hong Kong (HKBU), June 2018.

7.      Delivered CityU-CS Research Student Workshop in Hong Kong, June 2018.

8.      Delivered technical seminar at U of Macau, June 2018.

9.      Invited talk at DSO, Singapore, May 2018

10.  Delivered 2 talks at IMS, NUS in Feb 2018.

11.  Delivered a keynote talk via skype at IC3IoT 2018, Chennai, India in Feb 2018.

12.  Delivered a lecture at IEEE CIS school at IIT-Delhi in Dec 2017.

13.  Delivered a tutorial at ICAPR 2017 in Bangalore, in Dec 2017.

14.  Delivered 2 talks at Zhengzhou Uni, China in November 2017

15.  Delivered 2 talks at HUST, China in November 2017

16.  Delivered a lecture at RACI 2017 at ISI-Kolkata in Sept 2017.

17.  Delivered two talks at IIT Indore, India for CMOCI 2017 in July 2017 on optimization and non-iterative learning under NTU-India Connect program.

18.  Delivered an invited talk via skype on Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms on 5th July 2017 to Nirma University, Gujarat, India.

19.  Delivered 2 talks at U of Cambridge, UK in June 2017.

20.  Delivered a tutorial on differential evolution at IEEE CEC 2017 in Spain in June 2017.

21.  Delivered a keynote at CICBA 2017 in Kolkata, India, in Mar. 2017.

22.  Delivered a keynote at SocProS 2016 in Topiala, India, in Dec. 2016. Slides Available (SocProS.pdf)

23.  Deliver a keynote at ICICA 2016 in Pune, India, in Dec. 2016.

24.  Delivered a keynote at ICNC – FSKD 2016 on optimization in Aug 2016 in Changsha, PRC.

25.  Delivered a lecture at IEEE CIS Summer School in Bangalore, India in Aug 2016.

26.  Delivered a tutorial at CEC 2016, Vancouver, Canada in July 2016 (Jointly with Profs Mostafa Ali and Mallipeddi).

27.  Delivered a lecture at IEEE CIS Winter School in Gujarat, India in Mar 2016.

28.  Delivered a keynote at ICHSA 2015 in Seoul, South Korea, in Aug 2015. Slides available here.

29.  Delivered a keynote at joint ICSI 2015 & BRICS CCI-2015, Beijing, PR-China in June 2015

30.  Delivered a tutorial at CEC 2015, Sendai, Japan in May 2015.

31.  Delivered a lecture at IEEE CIS Summer School in Jaipur, India in Mar 2015.

32.  Delivered a keynote at ICGEC 2014, PR-China in Oct 2014

33.  Tutorial on DE at GECCO 2014, Vancouver, Canada in July 2014 (canceled as it overlapped with AdCom meeting in Beijing on 13th).

34.  Delivered a tutorial at CEC 2014, Beijing, PR-China in July 2014.

35.  Delivered an Invited talk (equivalent to a Plenary) at NOSTRADAMUS 2014, in Ostrava in Czech Republic in June 2014.

36.  Delivered an Invited talk (equivalent to a Plenary) at MENDEL 2014 in Brno in Czech Republic in June 2014.

37.  Delivered an invited talk (1 hour) at OPTENG-2014 Workshop in Bankura, West Bengal, India in May 2014.

38.  Delivered a keynote talk at SHAASTRARTH 2014, Raipur, India in March 2014.

39.  Delivered a Plenary at ICIET 2014 in Madurai in India in March 2014.

40.  Delivered a tutorial at GECCO 2013 in July in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

41.  Delivered a tutorial at CEC 2013 in June in Cancun, Mexico.

42.  Delivered an Invited talk (equivalent to a Plenary) at ICAISC 2013 in Poland, in June 2013.

43.  Delivered a keynote at SoCPar 2012 in Brunei, in Dec 2012.

44.  Plenary speaker at TPNC 2012 in Spain in Oct 2012.

45.  Invited to deliver a tutorial at PPSN 2012, Sept 2012, Italy (unable to accept as the dates exactly coincided with the 2 events listed below).

46.  Plenary speaker at SOCO 2012 Sept 2012, Ostrava, Czech Republic (

47.  Lectured at IEEE SMC Cybernetics Summer School in Ostrava, Czech Republic, September 2012.

48.  Presented a tutorial on “Differential Evolution” at IEEE CEC 2012 in Brisbane, Australia, June 2012.

49.  Delivered 2 invited talks on “Differential Evolution” and “Particle Swarm Optimization”, on 27 Dec 2011 at SRM University in India.

50.  Presented a tutorial on “Learning Approaches for Search and Optimization Algorithms”, at 11th Hybrid Intelligent Systems Conference (HIS-2011), in Malacca, Malaysia, in Dec 2011.

51.  Presented a tutorial on “Differential Evolution”, at IEEE Symposium on Differential Evolution (IEEE SDE-2011), in Paris, France, in April 2011 (jointly with Dr S Das).

52.  Plenary Speaker at SEMCCO 2010, Chennai, India, Dec 18, 2010.

53.  Plenary Speaker at BICA 2009, Bhubaneswar, India,  Dec 21, 2009.

54.  Presented a tutorial on “Evolutionary Programming with Diversity Enhancement and Ensemble StrategiesIEEE Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM-2009), in Nashville Tennessee, in Mar 2009

55.  Plenary speaker at The 2008 International Workshop on Nature Inspired Computation and Applications, USTC, China. (This workshop featured a number of plenary type invited talks only)

56.  Presented a tutorial on “Particle Swarm Optimization and Differential Evolution at IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC2007), in Singapore in September 2007.

57.  Presented a tutorial on “Recent Advances in Particle Swarm Optimization”, at IEEE Swarm Intelligence Symposium (SIS2007), in Hawaii in April 2007.

58.  Two of my PhD students contributed to the ICARCV 2006 tutorial on “Computational Intelligence Techniques with Applications”, and presented our research. (tutorial coordinated by Prof N. R. Pal).

59.  Presented a Tutorial on “Recent Advances in Real Parameter Optimization” at Int. Conf. on Simulated Evolution and Learning (SEAL’06), Hefei, China, on 15, Oct. 2006. (Jointly with Dr Qin Kai , my former PhD student)

60.  Presented a Tutorial on “Evolutionary algorithms for pattern analysis” at Int. Conf. on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP’04), Calcutta, India, on 21st of Nov. 2004. (  (Jointly with Dr Qin Kai , my former PhD student).