Co-EiC, Editorial/Advisory Board,  Associate Editorship


Founding co-Editor-in-Chief, Swarm and Evolutionary Computation, Elsevier, Since July 2010. (launched in 2011)


Associate Editor, Pattern Recognition Journal of the Pattern Recognition Society, Elsevier, since Sept. 2001.


Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, since Aug. 2005.


Associate Editor Information Sciences, Elsevier, since May 2009. 


Editorial Board Member of Evolutionary Computation Journal, MIT Press, since June 2012.


Associate Editor, IEEE Trans on Cybernetics (Formerly, IEEE T on SMC B), since Feb. 2013.


Associate Editor International Journal of Swarm Intelligence Research, Since May 2009. (launched in 2009)


Int. Journal of Swarm Intelligence, Honorary Advisory Board Member (launched in 2012)


Guest Edited the Feb 2011 Issue of IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation on DE with Dr S Das & Dr C A Coello Coello (2009-2011)