1.    IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) Chapter in Singapore won the best chapter award from the IEEE Singapore Section in 2014 for its achievements in 2013. There are ~ 30 Chapters and Affinity Groups under Singapore Section eligible to Compete for this award. The CIS Chapter Committee Members in 2013 were: Drs P. N. Suganthan (Chair), D. Srinivasan (V. Chair), S. Sundaram (Secretary), A. H. Tan (Treasurer),  J. Dauwels (Member), K. C. Tan (Member), L. Wang (Member), J. C. Yao (Member).

2.    Dr Jane Jing Liang won the IEEE CIS outstanding Dissertation award in June 2013. She completed her PhD dissertation on PSO under my supervision in March 2009 at Nanyang Technological University. All dissertations completed in 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012 in the field of computational intelligence were eligible to compete for this award. Jane receives her award in July 2014 at WCCI 2014 in Beijing, PRC. (Dr J. J. Liang's PhD related publications have highly competitive total Googlescholar citations w.r.t. all past winners of this award)

3.  SaDE Won "2012 IEEE CIS TEC Outstanding Paper Award":   Awarded in June 2012 at WCCI-2012 in Brisbane, Australia for 2009 IEEE Tr. on Evolutionary Computation Publication. Selected in June 2011:    A. K. Qin, V. L. Huang, and P. N. Suganthan, "Differential evolution algorithm with strategy adaptation for global numerical optimization", IEEE Trans. on Evolutionary Computations, DOI: 10.1109/TEVC.2008.927706, pp. 398-417, April, 2009 (SaDE - Self-adaptive differential Evolution). (This article has the best citation counts among all articles published in 2009 in the IEEE TEC).

  1. Awarded one of the 5 best student papers:    S. Z. Zhao, P. N. Suganthan, S. Pal, S. Das and A. Basak, “Multi-Objective Design of Monopulse Antenna with Two-lbests based Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimizer”, 1st Int. Conf. On Computational Problem-Solving (ICCP2010), Li Jiang, China, Dec 3-5, 2010.

5.    Our following journal paper was selected as a Hot paper by Sciencewatch in 2009 ( The details are currently visible from the given link:   G. Pugalenthi G, K. Tang, P. N. Suganthan, G. Archunan, and R. Sowdhamini,  “Machine learning approach for the identification of odorant binding proteins from sequence-derived properties”, BMC Bioinformatics, Sep 19, Vol. 8, article  351, 2007.

6.    The following paper won the best student paper award at CIBCB 2005, California, USA:        E. K. Tang, P. N. Suganthan and X. Yao, “Feature Selection for Microarray Data using Least Squares SVM and Particle Swarm Optimization”, IEEE Int. Symposium on Computational Intelligence for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, November 2005, California, USA.

7.    The following paper was selected as one of the outstanding papers at IJCNN 2000:

A. S. Atukorale, P.N. Suganthan and T. Downs, "On the Performance of the HONG Network for Pattern Classification", P. Int. Joint Conf. on Neural Networks (IJCNN'2000), Italy, paper # 590, July 2000.


Awards During My Undergraduate Education

Won Overseas Development Administration (ODA, UK) full scholarship in 1987 to study engineering at the University of Cambridge, UK.

Won Wyatt Book Prizes in 1988 & 1989 at Christ's College, University of Cambridge.

Won Christ's College Book Prizes in 1988, 1989 & 1990.

Won ORS, Christ's College & Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Scholarships in 1990 to follow postgraduate studies at the University of Cambridge, UK.