PhD Candidates:


Name:   Dr. Chen Li 

Status:   Graduated in 2006

Thesis:   Techniques of Deconvolution, Interpolation, and Super-Resolution for High-Resolution Image Reconstruction.


Name:   Dr. Wu Kui

Status:   Graduated in 2008

Thesis:   Content-Based Image Indexing and Retrieval Using Computational Intelligence


Name:   Mr. He Yu

Status:   Passed thesis and oral examination

Thesis:   High-resolution Image Reconstruction using Super-resolution and Deconvolution Techniques


Name:   Mr. Li Zhen

Status:   In progress

Thesis:   Content- and context-aware multimedia information retrieval


Name:   Mr. Chen Tao

Status:   In progress

Thesis:   Mobile Media Content Analysis and Algorithms


Name:   Mr. Tian Yushuang

Status:   In progress

Thesis:   Techniques and algorithms in high resolution image/video reconstruction



Master of Science candidates


I have supervised 6 MSc candidates