Abridged Curriculum Vitae: Joseph S. CHANG


1.   Education

·         Bachelor of Engineering (Elect and Comp Systems), Monash University, Australia, 1984

·         PhD, Department of Otolaryngology, Faculty of Medicine, Uni. Melbourne, Australia, 1990


2.   Professional Experience

·         IEEE (Circuits & Systems Society) Distinguished Lecturer, ‘Printed Electronics’ and ‘Audiology and Circuits & Systems’, 2012-2013

·         Guest Editor, Proceedings of the IEEE, ‘Computational System Biology’, Sept 2008

·         Guest Editor, IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine, ‘Special Issue on Life Sciences’, Aug 2012

·         Editor, ‘Open Column’, IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine, 2006 - 2011

·         Associate Editor, IEEE Trans Circuits & System I, three terms (2004 - 2011)

·         Associate Editor, IEEE Trans Circuits & System II, 2008 – 2009

·         Associate Editor, IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine, 2011 – 2012


·         Associate Dean (Research & Grad Studies), College of Engineering, NTU, 2005-2007

·         Adjunct @Texas A&M University, USA, 2007-present


·         Chair, IEEE Circuits & Systems Life Sciences Systems and Applications Technical Committee, 2011-2012

·         General Chair of four international IEEE/ECE conferences/workshops:

(i)    International Symposium on Integrated Circuits, 2004

(ii)   IEEE/NIH Life Science Systems and Applications Workshop, 2007

(iii)  IEEE-NIH Circuits and Systems for Medical and Environmental Applications Workshop, 2009

(iv)  IEEE Circuits and Systems for Medical and Environmental Applications Workshop, 2010


·         Member of the Thematic Strategic Research Programme (TSRP) Panel, 2005-2006; Budget $200M

·         Member, Policy Advisory Committee for Technology, 2007


·         Founded two startups


3.   Awards/Invited Talks

·         Keynote Speaker, IEEE International Conference on Circuits and Systems (ICCAS), Sept, 2013

·         Invited Speaker, Collaborative Conference on Materials Research, June 2013

·         Invited Speaker, International Workshop on Bio-inspired Systems and Prosthetic Devices, Feb 2013

·         IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, 2012-2013

·         Invited Speaker, IEEE MidWest Circuits and Systems Symposium, Aug 2012

·         Invited Speaker, ‘Circuits and System’s Symbiosis with Life Sciences’, Representing IEEE CASS, IEEE-NIH Life Sciences and Systems Applications Workshop, Bethesda, 2011

·         Invited Panelist, 11th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning & Training, Online Educa Berlin, Sponsored by European Commission, 2005

·         Invited Panelist, ASEAN Universities Network Program Roundtable Meeting, Sponsored by European Commission, 2005

·         Invited Speaker, 1st Asian University Workshop on IC Design, Japan, 2002

·         Invited Lectures, Australian Deafness Foundation, 1987-1991


·         Outstanding Performance Award, AE, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and System-I (IEEE CASS), 2007


·         Best Paper Award (co-authors: Lin T, Chong KS, J. Chang and Gwee BH), ‘Robust Asynchronous Approach for Realizing Ultra-Low Power Digital Self-Adaptive VDD Scaling System’, IEEE Sub-VT Conference, Oct 2012

·         Best Paper Award (runner-up),’A Fully-Multiplexed Pole Shared Switched Capacitor Lerner Filter Bank’, Microelectronics Conference, 1989


·         Top Prize in Mathematics, National and State Levels, 1977

4.   Grants     

      Total Competitive Grants: ~US$12M


Presently lead a research group of 25 research staff and PhD students – externally funded


Active Grants: >US$5M

·         PI, US$240K (in collaboration with MIT), SMART Program, ‘A High Power-Efficiency 4G Power Amplifier for Smartphones based on GaN-CMOS’, 2012 - 2013

·         PI, US$1.3M (in collaboration with U. Washington, U. Michigan and Texas A&M), ‘STAAZER’ (Electronics for Space), Defence Research Technology, 2012 - 2014

·         PI, US$540K (in collaboration with Texas A&M), ‘High-speed ADC IP Core’, Defence Research Technology, 2011 - 2013

·         PI, US$500K (in collaboration with IMRE), ‘Flexible Printed Electronics: RFID and Display Driver’, ASTAR SERC, 2011 - 2014

·         PI, US$800K (in collaboration with Texas A&M), ‘Radio Frequency and Mixed-Signal Circuits’, Defence Research Technology, 2010 – 2012

·         PI, US$600K, ‘Flexible Printed Elect: Analog Signal Processing’, ASTAR PSF, 2009 – 2012

·         Co-PI, US$1.1M (in collaboration with Caltech), ‘Fundamental Research: Ultra-Low Power Sub-Threshold Digital Circuits and Systems’, MoE Tier II, 2008 - 2012

·         Collaborator, US$300K (PI: Caltech), ‘Async-Logic’, Nat Sci Foundation (USA), 2010 - 2013


International Funding

·         PI, US$311K, ‘Digital Asynchronous-Logic: Dynamic Voltage Control’, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), USA, 2009 - 2010

·         PI, 200K (US$270,000), EU (Asean-EU University Network Program),‘Digital Synchronous-Logic and Asynchronous-Logic Circuits’, 2003 - 2005


5.   Selected Publications (Total >200 peer reviewed, Representative listed below)



      20 Patents granted and pending



Highest International Standing in Digital and Analog Class D Amplifiers

·         Google Scholar, Ranked #1 in ‘Class D Amplifiers’ (excl. patents)

·         Google Scholar, Ranked #1, #2 and #4 for 3 papers in ‘Digital Class D Amplifiers’

·         Highest number of publications in IEEE Journals


Asynchronous-Logic and Digital Circuit Design

·         Lin T., Chong K.S., J.S. Chang and Gwee B.H., ‘An Ultra-Low Power Asynchronous- Logic In-Situ Self-Adaptive System for Sensor Networks’, IEEE Journal Solid-State Circuits, Feb 2013

·         B.H. Gwee, J.S. Chang, Y. Shi, and C.C. Chua, ‘A Low-Voltage Micropower Asynchronous Multiplier with MM Approach’, IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems-I, Vol. 56, No. 7, pp. 1349-1359, July 2009


      Class D Amplifiers: Analog and Digital                    

·         T. Ge and J.S. Chang, ‘Bang-Bang Control Class D Amplifiers: Total Harmonic Distortion and Supply Noise’, IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems-I, Oct 2009


Analog Sampled-Data Circuits/Systems

·         J.S. Chang and Y.C. Tong, ‘Circuit Design Methodologies for a Micropower Compatible Time-Multiplexed SC Speech Spectrum Analyzer', IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, Jan 1993


Acoustic Signal Processing and Audiology

·         B.L. Sim, Y.C. Tong, J.S. Chang and C.T. Tan, ‘"A Parametric Formulation of the Generalized Spectral Subtraction Method’, IEEE Transactions on Speech Audio Processing, July 1998

The Australian Journal of Audiology, pp. 8-9, May 1990


      Printed Electronics

·         J. Chang and T. Ge (Invited), ‘Emerging Printed Electronics on Flexible Substrates for Biomedical Applications’, Symposium on Engineering Medicine and Biology Applications, 2013

·         J. Chang and T. Ge (Invited), ‘Chall00enges in Printed Electronics’, IEEE MidWest Circuits and Systems Symposium, Aug 2012

·         J. Chang, T. Ge, X. Zhang and J. Zhang, ‘Printed Electronics’, Technology Disclosure TD/090/12, TD/091/12, TD/092/12 and TD/139/12, May 2012


IEEE Editorials

·         J. Chang, S. Wong, R. Newcomb and P. Häfliger, ‘Third Revolution in Medicine – the Convergence of Life Sciences with Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering’, IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine, Special Issue on Life Sciences, Aug 2012

·         S. Wong, M. Ogorzalek and J. Chang, ‘Editorial on the Special Issue on Computational Systems Biology’, The Proceedings of the IEEE, Aug 2008  


5.   Description of on-going Funded Research Projects

·         Digital Electronics: Full Operation-Space and Variation-Space Digital Electronics for Resource Constraint Internet-of-Things Everyday Objects (in collaboration with Caltech and U. Michigan)

·         Radio Frequency: Ultra-High Power-Efficient 4G GaN-on-CMOS Power Amplifier for Smartphones  (in collaboration with MIT)

·         Printed Electronics: Fully-Additive Printed Electronics (Analog and Digital) on Flexible Substrates (in collaboration with Caltech, and Texas A&M)

·         Space Electronics: Robust Digital and Analog Space Electronics (in collaboration with U. Washington, U. Michigan and Texas A&M)

·         Life-Sciences: Rapid ‘Lab-in-a-Needle’ Instrument for Rapid Liver Disease Classification (in collaboration with Cornell University (Weill Cornell Medical College))

·         BioEngineering: Energy Harvested Communications Device for Hearing Aids


6.   List of on-going Collaborators

·         Alain Martin, Caltech   

·         Gene Fitzgerald, MIT

·         Stephen Wong, Weil Cornell Medical College, Cornell University

·         Pinaki Mazumder, U. Michigan (Ann Arbor)

·         Edgar Sanchez, Texas A&M University


7.   List of Advisees

15 PhD/MEng graduated