My Recommended List of Open-Source-Software, Freeware and Shareware

Linux (ubuntu), Java, Apache, MySQL, OpenOffice, Firefox/Chrome: You can run a production system, without paying for software licences.


Cygwin: For programmers to use Unix utilities in Windows. Read "Cygwin - How to install and Getting Started".

Programming Text Editors: Read "Programming Text Editors".


OpenOffice: No introduction needed. It comes with a word processor, spreadsheet, graphic presentation, and database. A perfect replacement for Microsoft Office. It is free and open-source available at

Gimp: The GNU's image manipulation software. A replacement for Photoshop.

Google Docs: A cloud-based office software available at

File Compression: [TODO]


Microsoft Security Essentials: Free virus, malware, and spyware protection, if you cannot afford McAfee and Norton (available at

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer: Used for analysing your PC for security exposure.

Zone Alarm: I un-install it after using it for many years, as it were not totally compatible with Windows Vista/7 (the problems are probably fixed). I rely on Windows Firewall.

PC Maintenance

CCleaner: For cleaning the registry and files. I have tried out many registry cleaner, but often resulted in reformatting the hard disk. So far, CCleaner is still doing well.


Last modified: October, 2010