1) Hiring one Research Associate/Engineer with expertise in Real-time Computer Vision

  Design and implement hardware-oriented algorithms for object categorization.

2) Hiring one Research Associate/Project officer/Engineer with expertise in FPGA/PCB Design

   PCB design for mixed-signal IC (<500Mhz) testing platform; C/C++ programming; FPGA/CPLD design using Verilog; Documentation and user guide. 

Qualified students are encouraged to apply for admission into my Ph.D. or Master degree programs. Possible research areas include: low power mixed-signal IC design for sensors, bio-inspired recognition algorithm design and VLSI implementation. Upon completion of the program, the student will be equipped with experience of the whole VLSI prototyping process which consists in HDL/SPICE simulation, layout, PCB design, testing (data acquisition and analysis).

The requirements for a prospective student are:

1)  good academic record.

2) relevant research/development experience (undergraduate student should have a final year project in the area of circuits and system).

3) good English communication skills.

*** successful tape-out and chip-testing experience will be a plus ***