1999-2000 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, Syracuse University, U.S.A.
This award was given to about 25 Teaching Assistants across the entire campus
2000, Certificate in University Teaching from Future Professoriate Project, Syracuse University, U.S.A.
2004, Preparing Future Faculty Fellow, Arizona State University, U.S.A.

Chen, G. M., & Chen, H. (2005). An introduction to human communication (in Chinese). Taipei, Taiwan: Jiuliu.

development of teaching materials
COM 458 Intercultural Communication
COM 201 Foundations of Communication Studies
COM 208 Fundamentals of Research
CS 442 Qualitative research method
CS 446 Communication Issues in Asia and Singapore
CS 224 Interpersonal Communication
CS 100 Fundamentals of Communication Studies
CS 101 Introduction to Communication Studies
CS 105 Introduction to Communication Research

service as examiner

  1. Internal examiner (Mazumdar Suruchi, MMC), 2010
  2. External examiner, Unitec Institute of Technology, 2009
  3. Internal examiner(Feng Yang , Master by research), 2008
  4. Internal examiner(Han Teck Juan , Master by research), 2008
  5. Internal examiner(Low Yuen Wei ,MMC), 2008
  6. Internal examiner (Evelyn Lau Lai Yee, MMC), 2006
  7. Internal examiner (Ong Shao Ying, MMC), 2005
  8. Internal examiner (Wan Bing Yan, MMC), 2005

Student achievements:
Sam Kang li. URECA Poster Award, 2007
Chen Yanli, URECA Poster Award, 2006
Deng Yihan, Lye Peixian, Nai Ying Jiin. First Prize for research paper, The Singapore Youth & Media Conference, 2004.