current research projects
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external research grants

  1. Co-PI. Office of Education Research, NIE. An investigation of gaming effects and counseling strategies for young gamers in Singapore. 04/09-04/01, S$249,622.

  2. PI, R&D Programme on IDM in Education, National Research Foundation, Enhancing education in environmental awareness: A game-based approach to ambient learning, 10/08-10/11, S$1,686,800.

  3. Co-PI. R&D Programme on IDM in Education, National Research Foundation, The impact of digital games on adolescents’ social and psychological development, 10/08-10/11, 1,705,320.

  4. Co-PI, A*STAR Thematic Strategic Research Programme (TSRP) for Human Factors Engineering: Affective human factors design with ambient intelligent, 05/2007-1/2008, (062-131-0066), S$49,500.

  5. Co-PI, Educational Research Fund, Ministry of Education, Effects of digital gaming on children and teenagers in Singapore, 07/2006-07/2009, (EP1/06/KA), S$ 398,926.

  6. PI, Yahoo, Taiwan: Designing Online Community: Exploring issues in user interaction and interface design, 1/2006-12/2006, NTD$434,950.

university research grants

  1. PI, Academic Research Fund, NTU. Issues on Media Production Technology: When Audiences Create Games. 04/10-06/11, S$2,730 Co-PI, NTU/WKWSCI, Emerging Digital Infocomm and Media Platforms,2006-2009, S$ 97,000.

  2. PI, Academic Research Fund, NTU. Towards a Model of Innovation in Culturally Diverse Teams, 08/2007-07/2008, S$4,950.

  3. PI, Academic Research Fund, NTU. The differences between gamers and non-gamers: Cultural and social impacts of online computer games, 03/2006- 12/2008, S$ 20,715.

  4. PI, Academic Research Fund, NTU. Living a life with/without game: Cultural and social impacts of online computer games , 12/2005- 11/2008 (RG24/05), S$71,820.

  5. PI, Academic Research Fund, NTU. The impact of Japanese manga: Exploring Singaporean adolescents’ view of self and relationship with peers, 08/2006-08/2007, S$ 4,220.

  6. PI, Singapore Internet Project, NTU. Power and social interaction in World of Warcraft, 02/2006-02/2007, $4,903.

  7. PI, Office of the Vice-Provost, Arizona State University. Why do you love me? The interplay of self-identity and intercultural dating, Fall 2001, USD $750.


  1. 2007- Top Paper Award, NCA

  2. 2006 – Nominee, Best Paper Award, MobileHCI

  3. 2006 – Research Outcome Award & Recognition (ROAR) recipient (twice), NTU.

  4. 1999 Outstanding Thesis Award, International & Intercultural Communication Division, National Communication Association, U.S.A. Selected among all submitted Master’s thesis in Communication across universities in the United States.

  5. 2000 Master’s Prize, College of Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse University, U.S.A. (Selected among all Master’s degree recipients of the year in the College)