Professional memberships
International Communication Association
International Association for Media and Communication Research
Games and Professional Simulations (GAPS) international advisory board, U.S.A.
Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)

Editorial board

Associate Edito, 2020-current, Journal of Media Psychology
Associate Editor,2007-2010, Journal of International and Intercultural Communication
Associate Editor,2010-2014, Computers in Entertainment

Editorial Board Member:
2019:Ad-hoc member Media and Communication
2011-current: Journal of International and Intercultural Communication
2017-current: Journal of Information Society
2014-2017: International Journal of Child Computer Interaction

Conference program committee
2019- 2021: Vice chair, Game Studies Division, International Communication Association
2019- 2021: Vice chair, Game Studies Division, International Communication Association
2017- current: Ethics Committee member, Association of Internet Researchers
2017-2018: Ethics task force member, International Communication Association

2019: Program committee, GamiFIN
2017: Program committee, GamiFIN
2010: Program committee chair, Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology Conference
2010: Program committee, Meaningful Play, 201

Invited presentations
Non-academic organizations:

  1. 2016 AI in Asia workshop, Hong Kong.
  2. 2016 Academy of Singapore Teachers.
  3. 2016 Singapore Media Forum
  4. 2016 Digital Intelligence Workshop
  5. 2015 Policies and Initiatives to Promote Children’s Safe, Effective, and Responsible Use of ICT: Asia Pacific Regional Consultation, UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education and UNICEF Regional Office for East Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok, Thailand
  6. 2012 Singaporean Youth in the Cyber World. Speech presented at National Communications Commission & Cyber Angel’s Pick, Taiwan.
  7. 2011 Social Interaction and Video Games. Speech presented at Microsoft Research, Seattle, USA.
  8. 2008 Talking with My Real Friends in Virtual World: The Effect of Digital Gaming on Social Interaction and Personal Relationships. Public Talk delivered at the 6th ASIA-EUROPE ART CAMP: Ludic Times/The Art of Gaming, Singapore
    2008 Social Interaction in the gaming world. Panel presentation at Research in Art & Science – Z-Node Mini-Symposium, Singapore.

Academic institutions:

  1. Chen, V.H.H. (2019, November). The impact of interactive digital media: Studies of video games and virtual reality. Fudan University, China.
  2. >Chen, V.H.H. (2019, November). Research into the social influence of video games and interactive digital media. Shanghai Jia Tong University, China.
  3. Chen, V.H.H. (2019, June) From Gamers’ Community to Game Design: Thoughts about game effects. Public Talk at Concordia University, Canada.
  4. Chen, V.H.H. (2019, March) From Psychology to Human Computer Interaction: How do video games influence social attitudes and behaviors. Public talk at University of Cape Town, South Africa.
  5. Chen, V.H.H. (2016, July). How do young Singaporeans behave on the Internet? Public Talk at London School of Economics and Political Science, U.K.
  6. >Chen, V.H.H. (2016, June). Understanding social behaviors in video games: An interdisciplinary approach. Public Talk at Michigan State University, U.S.A.
  7. Chen, V.H.H. (2016, June). Social behaviors in video games. Public Talk at National Chengchi University, Taiwan
  8. Chen, V.H.H. (2016, April). What leads to social impact of video games? An interdisciplinary approach towards interactive digital experience. City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
  9. >Chen, V.H.H. (2014, March). Intercultural dialogue in Singapore. Presenter and discussant at Workshop for Intercultural Dialogue in Asia, University of Macau, Macau.
  10. >Chen, V.H.H. (2011, February). An Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration in Digital Media and New Technology. Public Talk at University of West Sydney, Australia.
  11. Chen, V.H.H. (2008, June). Observation of gamers’ behavioral pattern. Public Talk at Department of Communication Technology, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan.
  12. Chen, V.H.H. (2007, June). Culture and social interaction in the gaming world. Speech presented at International Symposium on Culture and Technology KAIST GSCT Campus, Seoul, Korea.
  13. Chen, V.H.H. (2007, June). Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration in Digital Media and New Technology: Singapore Experience”. Public Talk at College of Communication, National Cheng Chi University, Taiwan.


  • Interviews with Channel 8 News (2018),
  • Interview appeared in a documentary “Inside the Storm: Nintendo” by Channel News Asia (2017)
  • Interview with Parrsboro,Radio 99.1 FM, Canada. (2015)
  • Interview with Polygon,USA. (2014)
  • Interview with Wired, USA. (2014)
  • Interview with the Straits Times, Singapore (2006, 2009, 2012)
  • Interview with the New Paper, Singapore (2012)
  • Interview with Radio Singapore International (2005)
  • Interview with ClassACT, Singapore (2005)