Research Grants


  1. 2019-2022, Cyber-Physical Production Systems - Towards Contextual and Intelligent Response: Common Methods for Modelling, Simulation and Optimization , IAF-PP, Singapore.

  2. 2017-2022, Singtel-NTU Cognitive & Artificial Intelligence Joint Lab (SCALE@NTU), Singtel-NTU Corporate Lab, Singapore.

  3. 2018-2023, Complex Systems in Manufacturing Operations and Supply Chain Networks, Phase 2 NTU-SIMTECH Joint Lab, Singapore.


  1. 2013-2018, Data Analytics across Product Life-Cycle, Rolls-Royce-NTU Corporate Lab, Singapore.

  2. 2012-2017, Artificial Intelligence Support for Multi-Player Role Playing and Social Mobile Games, Multi-plAtform Game Innovation Centre (MAGIC), National Research Foundation, MDA, Singapore.

  3. 2012-2015, Logistics & Supply Chain Management Programme: Multi-Objective Vehicle Routing for Last Mile Logistics, Master Facilitative Control Tower for Risk Management of Complex Supply Chains, A*Star, Singapore.

  4. 2011-2015, Large Scale Hybrid Storage System, A*Star-DSI, Singapore.

  5. 2009-2015, Improved Design via Evolutionary Algorithms, Rolls-Royce Plc.

  6. 2010-2012, Memetic Framework for Real-Time Games, GAMBIT-MDA, Singapore.

  7. 2010-2012, Constrained Flocking Animation & Modeling Research, GAMBIT-MDA, Singapore.

  8. 2009-2012, NRF-MDA, Agent-Augmented Co-Space: Growing Cognitive Autonomous Agents for Context-Aware Personalized Experience in Co-Space, National Research Foundation, MDA, Singapore.

  9. 2008-2012, Efficient Model-Based Approaches for Large-Scale and Constrained Multi-Objective Design Optimization, Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH.

  10. 2008-2011, Memetic Computing for Autonomous Vehicle Operations, Boeing Research & Technology + Singapore Technologies Dynamics-Intellisys.

  11. 2007-2012, Disaster Evacuation Planning Using Memetic Computing, Singapore Technologies Dynamics- Intellisys.

  12. 2005-2008, NTU Academic Research Funding.

  13. 2005-2008, Enhancing Evolutionary Design Optimization Using Meta-modeling and Grid Computing, Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH.

  14. 2005-2007, Grid-Based PSE for Engineering of Materials (GPEM), A*Star-National Grid Office.

  15. 2003-2007, An Integrated Software Environment for Algorithms Development - A Platform for Problem Solving and Engineering Design Optimization, Singapore Technologies Dynamics.

  16. 2006, Collaboration Development Award - Grid Computing/e-Science, British High Commission.

  17. 2004-2005, Negotiation Models for Economic Grid, Sun Microsystems Inc.

  18. 2004-2005, Grid Agents: Bringing intelligence to Grids, Sun Microsystems Inc.

  19. 2004-2005, Analysis of a Grid-enabled Optimization Environment for Complex Engineering Problems, Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH.

  20. 2004-2005, A hierarchical workflow and database system, Visa International.

  21. 2003-2004, Stochastic Optimization of Computationally Expensive Problems, NTU SCE.