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I conduct research in the areas of reconfigurable computing systems, algorithm acceleration, embedded applications & architectures and renewable energy.

My principle research focus is in the area of reconfigurable computing. My research aims to improve the overall performance of these hybrid computing systems. This effort involves the development of tools, algorithms & architectures and system level modelling, simulation & design to improve the performance & management of the computing resources. Research areas include: efficient utilisation of FPGA hardware & architecture resources for rapid and near routeless placement & fast configuration; system resource management & inter-module communications for run-time hardware systems and involves investigations at the tools, algorithms and architecture levels.

I also apply my modelling and simulation expertise to projects in the renewable energy field, in particular to improve the PV module and PV systems efficiency in tropical climates. Specifically, this work investigates novel algorithms and architectures for maximum power point tracking systems operating under partial shading conditions and sudden irradiance changes.

Reconfigurable Computing

  • Tools Development
  • Architectures and algorithms
  • Algorithm Acceleration
  • FPGA Virtualisation

Energy Systems

  • Solar Irradiance Characterisation in Tropical Climates
  • Hybrid MPPT Systems
  • Li-ion Fast Charging algorithms

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