International Forum on Computational Optical Measurement and its Education (COME)



·         COME2023

o   Dates: 23-24 June 2022

o   Venue: Beijing, Beihang University, 北京航空航天大学

o   Contact: Prof. Huijie Zhao, Prof, Bing Pan 赵慧洁教授,潘兵教授


·         The format

o   A student presentation competition

o   Eight invited talks by enthusiastic scientists

o   Hybrid (both physical and online), if possible

o   Usually at the last Friday evening and Saturday of June every year

o   PPT in English, and presentation in English or Chinese


·         The motivation

o   To discuss the progress in Computation AND Optics AND Measurement, which has been an important interdisciplinary area;

o   However, we relax it to Computation OR Optics OR Measurement, so that we have more friends to play together;

o   We hope to give hardworking students a one-day break to make friends and to appreciate the excitement and beauty of research.


·         The style

o   Free                 斯是陋室 No registration fee, 不收注册费

o   Informal          惟吾随性

o   Stimulating      谈笑有鸿儒

o   Homely           往来一家亲


·         The history

o   2022, Xi’an (online): Program

o   2021, Nanjing (hybrid): Program, Photo, Videos, Awards

o   2020, Hangzhou (online): Program, Photo

o   2019, Nanjing (physical): Program, Photo


·         You are always WELCOME

o   滋滋研究,测微探幽。吾有好友,前沿同求。

o   B站链接,点击拷之。吾有好友,私信邀之。

o   邀之不得,言其忙碌。悠哉悠哉,劝憩片刻。

o   B站链接,点击粘之。吾有好友,语音动之。

o   B站链接,点击送之。吾有好友,视讯晓之。

·         And you are the best! 科研学子歌

o   踏雪逐日探幽香,十年一剑意气长。酣读文献三百卷,恣听报告五十场。

o   电脑屏前思飞举,实验台侧犹彷徨。几番逻辑相缠斗,百般细节不可伤。

o   辗转曾有难眠夜,推敲不负明月光。推陈出新起高阁,锦心绣口出文章。

o   囊中尚羞能大笑,腹内贮书各尽觞。已知才人代代有,今见学子入胜场。