Special Session on Real-Parameter Optimization at CEC-05, Edinburgh, UK, 2-5 Sept. 2005

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1.      Call for papers 

2.      Summary of feedbacks received from the potential participants

3.      P. N. Suganthan, N. Hansen, J. J. Liang, K. Deb, Y.-P. Chen, A. Auger and S. Tiwari, "Problem Definitions and Evaluation Criteria for the CEC 2005 Special Session on Real-Parameter Optimization", Technical Report, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, May 2005 AND KanGAL Report #2005005, IIT Kanpur, India.

4.      To download, Mat-M-files.zip, ASCII-M-files.rar, Mat-M-files.gz, etc. please go to my GitHub pages.  ( https://github.com/P-N-Suganthan  to CEC2005 folder.)

5.      Comparisons among the accepted papers.

An Extensive Statistical Investigation on the Performances of the Algorithms:

Salvador García, Daniel Molina, Manuel Lozano, Francisco Herrera, "A Study on the Use of Non-Parametric Tests for Analyzing the Evolutionary Algorithms' Behaviour: A Case Study on the CEC'2005 Special Session on Real Parameter Optimization", J. of Heuristics, DOI: 10.1007/s10732-008-9080-4, (Dr. Salvador Garcia Lopez salvagl@decsai.ugr.es )


The submitted papers are listed below

1.      W. Becker, Xinghuo Yu and Jiyuan Tu, “EvLib: A Parameterless Self-Adaptive Real-Valued Optimisation Library”, RMIT University, Australia.

2.      S. Alonso, J. Jimenez, H. Carmona B. Galvan and G. Winter, “Performance of a Flexible Evolutionary algorithm”, Las Palmas de G. C. University. Canary Islands, Spain

3.      C. García-Martínez and M. Lozano, “Hybrid Real-Coded Genetic Algorithms with Female and Male Differentiation”, University of Granada, Granada, Spain.

4.      A. Sinha, S. Tiwari and K. Deb, “A Population-Based, Steady-State Procedure for Real-Parameter Optimization”, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India.

5.      P. J. Ballester, J. Stephenson, J. N. Carter, K Gallagher, “Real-Parameter Optimization Performance Study on the CEC-2005 benchmark with SPC-PNX”, Imperial College London, Department of Earth Science and Engineering, UK.

6.      D. Molina, F. Herrera, M. Lozano, “Adaptive Local Search Parameters for Real-Coded Memetic Algorithms”, University of Granada, Granada, Spain.

7.      L. Costa, “A Parameter-less Evolution Strategy for Global Optimization”, Escola de Engenharia, Universidade do Minho, Portugal.

8.      P. Posik, "Real Parameter Optimisation Using Mutation Step Co-evolution", Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic.

9.      A. Auger, S. Kern, N. Hansen, “A Restart CMA Evolution Strategy with Increasing Population Size”, (ETH) Z¨urich, Switzerland

10.  A. Auger, S. Kern, N. Hansen, “Performance Evaluation of an Advanced Local Search Evolutionary Algorithm”, (ETH) Z¨urich, Switzerland

11.  J. Rönkkönen, S. Kukkonen, K. V. Price, “Real-Parameter Optimization with Differential Evolution”, Lappeenranta U. of Technology, Finland.

12.  M. Fatih Tasgetiren, Y-C Liang, G. Gencyilmaz, I. Eker, “A Differential evolution Algorithm for Continuous Function Optimization”, Department of Management, Fatih University, Turkey.

13.  A. K. Qin and P. N. Suganthan, “Self-adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm for Numerical Optimization”, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

14.  L. T. Bui, Y. Shan, F. Qi, and H. A. Abbass, “Comparing Two Versions of Differential Evolution in Real Parameter Optimization”, ADFA, Uni. New South Wales, Canberra, Australia,

15.  B. Yuan, M. Gallagher, “Experimental Results for the Special Session on Real-Parameter Optimization at CEC 2005: A Simple, Continuous EDA”, University of Queensland, Australia.

16.  J. J. Liang and P. N. Suganthan, “Dynamic Multi-Swarm Particle Swarm Optimizer with Local Search”, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

17.  M. Fatih Tasgetiren, Y-C Liang, G. Gencyilmaz, I. Eker, “Global Optimization of Continuous Functions Using Particle Swarm Optimization”, Department of Management, Fatih University, Turkey.


A Paper in CEC-2006

P. J. Ballester and W. Graham Richard, "A Multiparent Version of the Parent-Centric Normal Crossover for Multimodal Optimization", Proc. CEC 2006. (pdf available form Dr Pedro Ballester Aristin [pedro.ballester@chem.ox.ac.uk])