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Selected Publications

  Cao C, Yang N, Su Yan, Zhang Z, Wang C, Song X, Chen P*, Wang W, and Dong X, ˇ°Starvation, Ferroptosis, and Prodrug Therapy Synergistically Enabled by a Cytochrome c Oxidase like Nanozymeˇ±, Advanced Materials, (accepted), 2022

  Zhu DD, Zheng LW, Duong PK, Cheah RH, Liu XY, Wong JR, Wang WJ, Guan STT, Zheng XT, and Chen P*, ˇ°Colorimetric Microneedle Patches for Multiplexed Transdermal Detection of Metabolitesˇ±, Biosensors & Bioelectronics, (accepted), 2022

Zan P, Than A, Zhang W, Cai HX, Zhao W, and Chen P*, ˇ°Transdermal Photothermal-Pharmacotherapy to Remodel Adipose Tissue for Obesity and Metabolic Disordersˇ±, ACS Nano, 16: 1813¨C1825, 2022

  Huang M, Deng B, Zhao X, Zhang Z, Li F, Li K, Cui Z, Kong L, Lu J, Dong F, Zhang L, and Chen P*, ˇ°Template-Sacrificing Synthesis of Well-Defined Asymmetrically-Coordinated Single-Atom Catalysts for Highly Efficient CO2 Electrocatalytic Reductionˇ±, ACS Nano, 2: 2110¨C2119, 2022

Cao C, Zou H, Yang N, Li H, Cai Y, Song X, Shao J, Chen P*, Mou X, Wang W, Dong X, ˇ°Fe3O4/Ag/Bi2MoO6 Photoactivatable Nanozyme for Self-replenishing and Sustainable Cascaded Nanocatalytic Cancer Therapyˇ±, Advanced Materials, 33: 2106996, 2021

  Zeng Z, Gan LY, Yang HB, Su X, Gao J, Matsumoto H, Gong J, Zhang J, Cai W, Zhang Z, Yan Y, Liu B, Chen P*, ˇ°Orbital coupling of hetero-diatomic nickel-iron site for bifunctional electrocatalysis of CO2 reduction and oxygen evolutionˇ±, Nature Communications, 12:4088, 2021
  Zhang Z, Zhao X, Xi S, Zhang L, Chen Z, Zeng Z, Huang M, Yang H, Liu B, Pennycook SJ, Chen P*, "Atomically Dispersed Cobalt Trifunctional Electrocatalysts with Tailored Coordination Environment for Flexible Rechargeable Zn-Air Battery and Self-Driven Water Splitting", Advanced Energy Materials, 10:2002896, 2020
  Xu R, Jiang T, Fu Z, Cheng N, Zhang X, Zhu K, Xue H, Wang W, Tian J, and Chen P*, "Ion-exchange controlled surface engineering of cobalt phosphide nanowires for enhanced hydrogen evolution" Nano Energy, 78:105347,  2020
  Liang C, Zhang X, Yang M, Wang W, Chen P*, and Dong X, "Remodeling Tumor Microenvironment by Multifunctional Nanoassemblies for Enhanced Photodynamic Cancer Therapy", ACS Materials Letters, 78:105347, 2020
  Than A, Duong PK, Zan P, Liu J, Leow MKS, Chen P*, "Lancing drug-reservoirs into subcutaneous fat to combat obesity and associated metabolic diseases", Small, 16(31):2002872, 2020
  Than A, Zang P, Chen P*, "Transdermal Theranostics", View, 1:e21, 2020
  Yan Y, Zeng Z, Huang M, Chen P*, "Van der waals heterojunctions for catalysis", Materials Today Advances, 6:100059, 2020
Yan Y, Zhai D, Liu Y, Gong J, Chen J, Zan P, Zeng Z, Li S, Huang W, and Chen P*, "Van der Waals Heterojunction between Bottom-Up Grown Doped Graphene Quantum Dot and Graphene for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting", ACS Nano, 14:1185-1195, 2020
Liu G, Zhu J, Guo H, Sun A, Chen P*, Xi L, Huang W, Song X, and Dong X, "Mo2C-Derived Polyoxometalate for NIR-II Photoacoustic Imaging-Guided Chemodynamic/Photothermal Synergistic Therapy", Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 58:18641-18646, 2019
Zeng Z, Gu G, Yang H, Yan Y, Chen J, Yu Z, Gao J, Gan LY, Liu B, Chen P*, "Bifunctional N-CoSe2/3D-MXene as Highly Efficient and Durable Cathode for Rechargeable Zn-Air Battery", ACS Materials Letter, 1:432-439, 2019
Chen D, Tang Y, Zhu J, Zhang J, Song X, Wang W, Shao J, Huang W, Chen P*, and Dong X, "Photothermal-pH-hypoxia responsive multifunctional nanoplatform for cancer photo-chemo therapy with negligible skin phototoxicity", Biomaterials, 221:119422, 2019
Zan P, Than A, Duong PK, Song J, Xu C, and Chen P*, "Antimicrobial Microneedle Patch for Treating Deep Cutaneous Fungal Infection", Advanced Therapeutics, 1900064, 2019
Yan Y, Gong J, Chen J, Zeng Z, Huang W, Pu K, Liu J, and Chen P*, "Recent Advances on Graphene Quantum Dots: From Chemistry and Physics to Applications", Advanced Materials, 31:1808283, 2019
Xi F, Zhao J, Shen C, He J, Chen J, Yan Y, Li K, Liu J, and Chen P*, "Amphiphilic Graphene Quantum Dots as a New Class of Surfactants", Carbon, 153:127-135, 2019
Ge G, Yuan W, Lu Y, Zhang Y, Wang W, Chen P, Huang W, Si W, and Dong X, "Highly Stretchable and Self-healing Flexible Sensor Based on Malleable and Anti-Freezing Binary-Networked Hydrogel", J. of Mat. Chem. A, 7:56949-5856, 2019
Lu L, Zhou L, Chen J, Yan F, Liu J, Dong X, Xi F, and Chen P*, "Nanochannel-Confined Graphene Quantum Dots for Ultrasensitive Electrochemical Analysis of Complex Samples", ACS Nano, 12:12673-12681, 2018
Zeng Z, Yan Y, Chen J, Zan P, Tian Q, and Chen P*, "Boosting the Photocatalytic Ability of Cu2O Nanowires for CO2 Conversion by MXene Quantum Dots", Adv. Func. Mat., 29:1806500, 2019
Than A, Liu C, Chang H, Duong PK, Cheung CMG, Xu C, Wang X, and Chen P*, "Self-implantable double-layered micro-drug-reservoirs for efficient and controlled ocular drug delivery", Nature Communications, 9:4433, 2018
Yan Y, Chen J, Li N, Tian J, Li K, Jiang J, Liu J, Tian Q, and Chen P*, "Systematic Bandgap Engineering of Graphene Quantum Dots and Applications for Photocatalytic Water Splitting and CO2 Reduction", ACS Nano, 12:3523-3532, 2018
Tian J, Chen J, Tian Q, Liu J, and Chen P*, "Graphene quantum dot engineered nickel-cobalt phosphide as highly efficient bifunctional catalyst for overall water splitting", Nano Energy, 48:284-291, 2018
Zhu H, Li J, Qi X, Chen P*, Pu K, "Oxygenic Hybrid Semiconducting Nanoparticles for Enhanced Photodynamic Therapy", Nano Letters, 18: 586-C594, 2018
Xu W, Lee TK, Moon BS, Song HW, Chen X, Chen B, Kim YJ, Kwak SK, Chen P*, Kim DH, "Broadband Plasmonic Antenna Enhanced Upconversion and Its Application in Flexible Fingerprint Identification", Advanced Optical Materials, 6:1701119, 2018

Than A, Liang K, Xu S, Sun L, Duan H, Xi F, Xu C, Chen P*, "Transdermal delivery of anti-obesity compounds to subcutaneous adipose tissue with polymeric microneedle patches", Small Methods, 1(11):1700269, 2017

  Than A, Xu S, Li R, Leow, MK, Sun L, Chen P*, ˇ°Angiotensin type 2 receptor activation promotes browning of white adipose tissue and brown adipogenesisˇ±, Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy   , 2:e17022, 2017

Chang H, Zheng M, Yu X, Than A, Syed ZRS, Kang R, Tian J, Khanh DP, Liu L, Chen P*, Xu C, "A swellable microneedle patch to rapidly extract skin interstitial fluid for timely metabolic analysis", Advanced Materials, 29:1702243, 2017
Zhu H, Fang Y, Miao Q, Qi X, Ding D, Chen P*, Pu K, "Regulating Near-Infrared Photodynamic Properties of Semiconducting Polymer Nanotheranostics for Optimized Cancer Therapy", ACS Nano, 11:8998-9009, 2017
Tian J, Zhu H, Chen J, Zheng X, Duan H, Pu K, and Chen P*, "Cobalt Phosphide Double-Shelled Nanocages: Broadband Light Harvesting Nanostructures for Efficient Photothermal Therapy and Self-Powered Photoelectrochemical Biosensing", Small, 13: 1700798, 2017
Chen J, Than A, Li N, Ananthanarayanan A, Zheng XT, Xi F, Liu J, Tian J, and Chen P*, "Sweet Graphene Quantum Dots for Imaging Carbohydrate Receptors in Live Cells", FlatChem, 5:25-32, 2017 (invited)
Zhu H, Lai Z, Fang Y, Zhen X, Tan C, Qi X, Ding D, Chen P*, Zhang H, Pu K, "Ternary Chalcogenide Nanosheets with Ultrahigh Photothermal Conversion Efficiency for Photoacoustic Theranostics", Small, 13:1604139, 2017
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Sun G, Zhang X, Lin R, Chen B, Zheng L, Huang X, Huang L, Huang W, Zhang H, Chen P*, "Weavable, High-Performance, Solid-State Supercapacitors Based on Hybrid Fibers Made of Sandwiched Structure of MWCNT/rGO/MWCNT", Adv. Electron. Mat., 2(7): 1600102, 2016
Zhu HJ, Fang Y, Zhen X, Wei N, Luo K, Xu C, Duan H, Ding D, Chen P*, Pu K, "Multilayered Semiconducting Polymer Nanoparticles with Enhanced NIR Fluorescence for Molecular Imaging in Cell, Zebrafish, and Mice", Chemical Science, 7:5118-5125, 2016
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Chen R, Sun G, Yang C, Zhang L, Miao J, Tao Hua B, Yang H, Chen J, Chen P*, Liu B, "Achieving Stable and Efficient Water Oxidation by Incorporating NiFe Layered Double Hydroxide Nanoparticles into Aligned Carbon Nanotubes", Nanoscale Horizon, 1:156-160, 2016
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