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Adjunct/Visiting Appointments
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Research Interests

Ang Kai Keng (Adjunct Assoc Prof)
BASc MPhil PhD Nan. Tech.

Room No: -      
Ext No: -

Brain-Computer Interface
Neural Signal Processing
Pattern Recognition
Machine Learning
Fuzzy Neural Systems

Fritz Busch (Visiting Professor)

Room No: -      
Ext No: -


Marius Erdt (Adjunct Asst Prof)
Diplom-Inform. University Koblenz-Landau Dr.-Ing. TU Darmstadt

Room No: NS1-05-13      
Ext No: 6592 2668

Statistical Shape Modeling
Medical Image Processing and Clinical Image-based Procedures
Virtual and Augmented Reality
Volume Rendering

Hung Gih Guang@Terence (Adjunct Assoc Prof)
BS (Computer Engineering, Highest Honors & Bronze Tablet) MS (Electrical Engineering) PhD (Electrical Engineering) UIUC

Room No: -      
Ext No: -

High Performance Computing
Grid/Utility/Cloud Computing
Application Performance Analysis and Optimization

Kang Meng Chow (Adjunct Assoc Prof)
MSc University of London, PhD Southern Cross University

Room No: -      
Ext No: -

Information Security Risk Management
Information Security Professional Practices
Cybersecurity Strategy, Policy, and Regional Development (Asia)

Alois C Knoll (Visiting Professor)

Room No: -      
Ext No: -


Leung Cyril Sik (Visiting Professor)
BSc (First Class Honours) Imperial College, MS PhD Stanford University PEng (British Columbia)

Room No: N4-B3b-06d      
Ext No: 6790 6967

Wireless Communication and Sensor Networks
Signal Processing
Ubiquitous Computing
Trust and Security

Li Xiaoli (Adjunct Assoc Prof)
BSc MEng Shanxi U China, PhD ICT Chinese Academy of Sciences

Room No: -      
Ext No: -

Data Mining
Machine Learning
Web and Text Mining

Lim Joo Hwee (Adjunct Assoc Prof)
BSc MSc NU Singapore, PhD UNSW

Room No: -      
Ext No: -

Content-Based Image/Video Retrieval
Scene/Object Recognition
Medical Image Analysis
Cognitive Vision

Rafael Enrique Banchs Martinez (Adjunct Assoc Prof)
BEng MSc (EE) USB, PhD (EE) UT Austin

Room No:      
Ext No:

Natural Language Applications
Conversational Agents
Chat-oriented Dialogue

Wolfgang Mueller-Wittig (Adjunct Assoc Prof)
Dipl-Inform Dr-Ing Darmstadt Tech.

Room No: NS1-05-07      
Ext No: 6790 6988

Computer Graphics
Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Computer Assisted Surgery

Markus Schläpfer (Adjunct Asst Prof)
MSc PhD ETH Zurich

Room No:      
Ext No:

Smart Cities
Urban Informatics
Data Analysis and Mining
Network Theory/Complexity Science

Ulf Schlichtmann (Visiting Professor)

Room No: -      
Ext No: -


Tan Puay Siew (Adjunct Assoc Prof)
BEng NUS, MEng PhD Nan. Tech.

Room No: -      
Ext No: -

Meta-heuristics Algorithms for Complex Systems
Cyber-physical Systems
Context-aware Services

Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann (Adjunct Professor)
BEng (Psychology) BEng (Biology), MSc (Biochemistry) PhD (Quantum Physics) Univ. Geneva

Room No: RTP-XF-03 (IMI)      
Ext No: 6592 1892

Emotional Interactive Virtual Humans and Robots
Cultural Heritage and Augmented Reality
Physical Simulation of Clothes and Hair
Physical Simulation Models of Soft Tissues and Biomechanics