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Nanyang Technological University (NTU) provides an ideal setting for you to develop and mature in order to venture successfully into the work place. It is one of the top ten technological universities in the Asia Pacific region and has built a reputation among employers as a University for industry and business. If you are a graduate of NTU, you can be sure that you will be highly regarded and in much demand in the job market.

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The University currently has an enrolment of 15,000 undergraduates. There are 3,250 international undergraduate students from countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Hong Kong, China and Mauritius. You can certainly look forward to experiencing a rich tapestry of intellectual and cultural exchanges on the campus.

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NTU has built a reputation among employers as a University with discerning industry and business acumen. There is a strong emphasis on creative thinking and problem solving skills. What this means is that you will have an edge over others and an education that keeps pace with the needs of industry. Of significance is our broad selection of general electives from which you can choose beyond the main programmes of study. Examples of the electives include foreign languages like German, French or Japanese, and courses to enhance your appreciation of the arts, communications and interpersonal skills.



Whether you choose to read Engineering, Biological Sciences, Accountancy, Business or Communication Studies in NTU, you will be immersed in an excellent intellectual learning environment, comprising a wide range of programmes and first-class facilities offered by the University.

  • Our professors and lecturers with extensive industrial experience are highly dedicated and are consistently exploring emerging niche areas in the forefront of technological research and development.
  • Our Industrial Attachment/Professional Internship programmes provide opportunities for you to relate theory to practice.
  • Our final-year projects help develop your investigative skills in practical research as you carry out experiments, surveys and research in the process.
  • Our campus-wide wireless computer network combined with the state-of-the-art ICT facilities provide the perfect setting for an intelligent campus where you can carry out all forms of communication electronically.
  • Our modern, well-equipped libraries with over 500,000 volumes and an extensive on-line database research facilities give you instant access to a diverse range of reference materials, thereby providing you with instant information.
  • Our students continuously shine at international academic and cultural meetings, clinching many top prizes – we see you as part of this elite group.
  • Our alumni are thriving in their chosen professions and have maintained close links with the University – we are proud of them and their success.
  • Our alumni are thriving in their chosen professions and have maintained close links with the University – we are proud of them and their success.
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NTU degrees are widely accepted and valued by employers both locally and internationally. Our professional courses are accredited by relevant international professional bodies such as IEE (UK) and IMechE (UK). The University has collaborations in teaching and research activities with renowned universities such as Cornell University, MIT, University of Tokyo, Cambridge University, Imperial College and Stanford University, among others.



If you excel in your studies in NTU, you can choose from a wide range of special programmes that aim at enhancing your marketability. One of our notable programmes is the Accelerated Bachelors Programmes in Engineering where students can complete the engineering course within three and a half years. Other special programmes are available, including the Leadership Development Programme and International Student Exchange Programme. All these special programmes help you not only develop your technical and business skills but also motivate you to achieve greater heights.




The desire to improve the quality of life permeates our research environment as our academic staff and students seek to arrive at new frontiers of technology to help contribute to world advancement. Extensive collaborative research and links with industry and overseas universities underscore our commitment to advance research and to give our staff and students a global reach.

NTU students and staff have constantly broken into new frontiers of research and todate, our R&D activities have surged to an unprecedented height, elevating the University to the forefront of research in the new millennium.



NTU is a modern campus with state-of-the-art facilities for teaching, research as well as residential and recreational facilities for both staff and students. The campus buildings occupy a scenic 200-hectare site in the southwestern part of Singapore, about 25 km from the city centre.

The advent of the Internet and its related information and communication technology has opened up a whole new world of opportunities and challenges. NTU has laid the foundation for supporting a mobile e-lifestyle and e-learning with its campus-wide wireless network. NTUwireless, is the first of its kind to be implemented among tertiary institutions in the Asia Pacific. NTUwireless transforms the campus into one large virtual classroom where students and professors can frequently communicate and discuss learning problems almost anywhere and anytime. With an IEEE802.11b compliance wireless network card, you can use mobile devices and personal digital assistants (PDA), to access Internet services via our state-of the-art network.

Our modern 21st century environment provides you an exciting and fulfilling student life.

The programmes offered by NTU in Academic Year 2002-03 are:

Duration of Study
3 years
3 years
Computer Engineering
4 years
Materials Engineering
4 years
- Civil & Environmental
- Electrical & Electronic
- Mechanical & Production
4 years
Biological Sciences B.Sc.(Honours)(Biological Sciences)
4 years
Communication Studies B.Comm.Studies (Hons.)
4 years
Arts (Education) B.A.Dip.Ed.
4 years
Science (Education) B.Sc.Dip.Ed.
4 years
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Academic year 2002-03 commences on 15 July 2002. There are two semesters in each academic year progressing from July to November and January to May. Examinations are held at the end of each semester and a 10-week vacation period follows at the end of the examinations.

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Tuition fee payable by international students for Academic Year 2003-04 is a flat fee of S$6,220 regardless of the courses selected. This is the net amount after deducting the tuition grant from the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Upon graduation, international students are required to work for any Singapore registered companies for three years under the terms of the tuition grant, in return for the generous subsidy they receive from the Singapore Government for their university education.

Laboratory Based Courses
Computer Engineering · Materials Engineering · Engineering · Biological Sciences · Communication Studies · Science (Education)
Full Tuition Cost

Tuition Grant awarded by Ministry of Education

Tuition Fee Payable
Non-Laboratory Based Courses
Accountancy · Business · Arts (Education)
Full Tuition Cost
Tuition Grant awarded by Ministry of Education
Tuition Fee Payable


If you need assistance in financing your studies, you have a wide range of financial schemes to choose from. Up to 80% of your tuition fee may come from the Tuition Fee Loan Scheme and the balance of the 20% from the NTU Study Loan Scheme. You can also work part-time on or outside the campus during vacation to help pay for your education and other expenses.

Financial Scheme
Tuition Fee Loan Scheme
NTU Study Loan
Value Up to 80% of tuition fee payable. 20% of tuition fee payable plus a living allowance of up to S$3,600 per annum.
Eligibility All undergraduates regardless of nationality. All needy undergraduates regardless of nationality. Must hold maximum Tuition Fee Loan.
Forms will be sent to students who are admitted to the University.
Repayment Minimum S$100 per month commences within 2 years of graduation.
Maximum repayment period is 20 years.
Repayment commences 6 months after graduation, or on securing employment, whichever is earlier.
Maximum repayment period is 20 years.
Interest Interest free until graduation.
Average prime rate of 4 big banks in Singapore.
Guarantor One guarantor between 21 and 60 years old.
Non-Singaporeans will be accepted for foreign students.
Accommodation (on-campus)
S$135 - S$160
S$200 - S$250
Transport, Personal Expenses
S$50 - S$70
S$385 - S$480



Undergraduate studies should not revolve around attending lectures and tutorials only. Becoming involved in extra-curricular activities is one way to balance your education and get the most from the university years. And to this end, you are spoiled for choices. We have more than 50 student clubs and societies catering to varied interests.

We also have excellent sports and recreational facilities, including an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a diving pool, football pitch, synthetic running track, indoor and outdoor courts for a range of ball games, gym and jogging tracks.



NTU is a residential university with about 60% of the undergraduates living on campus. All first-year international students are guaranteed accommodation in one of the halls of residence on campus. The halls are provided with amenities such as lounges, television rooms, air-conditioned reading rooms, laundry facilities and kitchenettes; some even have dance studios and music rooms.

Staying in the hall of residence, experiencing its vibrant mix of academic, social and recreational activities, you add a new dimension to your university life.
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