Welcome Message by SCBE President

Dear academics, researchers and fellow students,

Biomedical research globally has been advancing in a great pace. It aims achieve breakthroughs to improve the health services for people, with greater efficiency, effectiveness and at lower costs. Singapore, likewise, is growing to be the leading biomedical sciences and research hub in Asia.

As part of the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Biomedical Engineering Society (Singapore), the School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (SCBE) Club along with the students of the BES Students are organizing the 5th Scientific Meeting (BES5SM) incorporating Singapore Biomedical Engineering Student Symposium. This is also the first time where students will be hosting this event for other students and professional researchers.

The BES5SM is an island-wide local conference which aims to show case the research activities in Singapore from Junior College, Polytechnic, Undergraduate, Graduate Students and Professional Researchers. It also hopes to act as a platform to simulate and encourage networking in the biomedical R&D in Singapore.

We will be zooming in on 4 large categories: (1) Bionanotechnology, (2) Regenerative medicine, (3) Bioimaging and sensors, (4) Biomechanics.

The conference will be hosted on Saturday, May 28, 2011 at the School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (SCBE), Nanyang Technological University. There will be attractive prizes and awards will be given out to best presenters and runner-ups. This year we hope to see a greater number of attendees.

On behalf of BES and SCBE I invite everyone, student and researchers, who are involved in the biomedical engineering to present a paper at this scientific meeting. There will be opportunities to interact and network with local researchers and students.

In conclusion, may I wish you a pleasant and fruitful experience at the 5th Scientific Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society of Singapore, May 28, 2011.

Leow Jiamin
BES5SM Organising Committee
School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Club
Nanyang Technological University

Welcome Message from BMES-NTU President

Dear Academics, Professional Researchers and Fellow Students,

Biomedical industry has become a prominent component in our world these days. It involves intensive researches and development procedures which target to provide a better life to all the livings across the continents. Singapore, which has been focusing on recruiting talents for the extensive biomedical researches, especially the young and potential researchers, aims to become the largest biomedical hub in Asia.

As the first student chapter of Biomedical Engineering Society-USA (BMES-USA) in Aisa, BMES-NTU is honored to organize the 5th Scientific Meeting (BES5SM) incorporating Singapore Biomedical Engineering Student Symposium together with the student leaders from School of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (SCBE) Club, Nanyang Technological University (NTU). It is the first symposium which is entirely organized by students, aiming to facilitate the interaction for students from all different levels of study and the professional researches. Remarkably, it is also part of the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Biomedical Engineering Society (Singapore) (BES).

BES5SM will take part on 28 May at School of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, NTU. The event is composed of plenary speeches, presentations and lunchtime networking session. It aims to provide a platform for students from Junior Colleges, Polytechnics, Universities and researchers from various research institutes to show their talents by presenting their research interest in the form of posters or platform presentations. Also, attractive prices will be given for the best presenters and the runners-up.

There are four categories that we will aim to focus:
(1) Bionanotechnology
(2) Regenerative medicine
(3) Bioimaging and sensors
(4) Biomechanics

On behalf of BMES-NTU and BES student chapter, I would like to invite all the students and the researchers in this biomedical field to attend this symposium and present your research paper. We also welcome everyone who is interested in biomedical research field to join us in this event. It will be a great opportunity for you to interact and network with the young and energetic local researchers and students.

There is always more for you to explore and may I wish to see you in NTU on 28 May, 2011.

Best Regards,

Wang Meng Pansy
BES5SM Organising Committee
Biomedical Engineering Society NTU chapter (BMES-NTU)
Nanyang Technological University