2005 International Conference on CYBERWORLDS

Cyberworlds Exhibition Submission

Conference Paper Submission (closed)

Workshop Paper Submission (closed)

Paper submission

The submission is closed. Refer to the advance program.

Camera-ready Submission Format

Your final papers MUST be written in English (U.S.) and formatted to IEEE Computer Society Proceedings Manuscript Formatting Guidelines (see link to "formatting instructions" below). It is highly recommended that you proofread and check the layout of your paper BEFORE submitting it to PDF eXpress.

Formatting Instructions
8.5" x 11" (DOC, PDF, PS)
LaTex Formatting Macros

PDF settings

The simplest way for creating compliant PDF files is to download the job options (settings) file from www.ieee.org/confpubcenter. At a minimum, basic PDF distiller setting MUST be changed so PDF files are: optimized, set to Acrobat 4.0 compatibility, all graphics are set to least 300 dpi resolution (or higher), ALL fonts are embeddable, POSTSCRIPT fonts, ALL fonts are embedded and subset, postscript settings SHOULD NOT override distiller settings and page size is 612.0 x 792.0 points (8.5" x 11"). Authors should check their final PDF files before submission to verify that all fonts have been properly embedded and subset. Some font manufacturers now flag their fonts to not embed. These fonts should be avoided.
An Adobe Acrobat Distiller JobOptions file set up to meet these minimum IEEE PDF specifications is available upon request. You may also adjust this JobOptions file to produce higher resolution graphics if so desired.

The complete IEEE PDF specification document can be found here

Cyberworlds Exhibition Submission

The exhibition will be organized as a special session where the registered conference delegates will be able to present their cyberworlds. The authors will be given ~5-10 min to make an online large screen presentation using their own notebooks or the provided computer. Wired and wireless Internet will be available. This session will be continued in the conference lobby where the authors will be able to discuss their exhibits with the conference delegates, run hands-on demo, etc.


To guarantee your participation in this exhibition and to be included in the conference proceedings

email to cw2005-submission@ntu.edu.sg before 15 August 2005

with Subject: Exhibition

the following:


1. Title of the work

2. Author(s) name

3. Affiliation

4. Contact email(s)

5. URL to the cyberworld's web page

6. Abstract (maximum 300 words)


Please note that the cyberworld's web page must contain all the necessary information to view the cyberworld with optional plug-ins that might be required. Specify which VRML or X3D browser has to be used for viewing your cyberworld.


To be included in the conference proceedings, the authors have to register for the conference before 1 September 2005.

We still will be able to include to the exhibition program other authors during the conference however these works will not appear in the proceedings but only in the conference web page.