2003 International Conference on CYBERWORLDS

Cyberworld story

The first workshop on cyberworlds was held as the International Workshop on Synthetic Worlds (University of Aizu, Japan, 1993)  to explore the meaning, philosophy and the potential of the worlds synthesized on the web as well as in computational spaces in general. The proceedings were published as a book entitled "Cyberworlds" (Springer Verlag, 1998, 354 pages, ISBN: 4431702075, edited by T.L.Kunii and A.Luciani). 

In November 2002, the International Symposium on Cyber Worlds: Theories and Practices was held in Hosei University, Tokyo. It gathered participants from 20 countries. The proceedings are available in IEEE CS digital library.

The 2003 International Conference on Cyberworlds will be held in Singapore, in December 2003. 

Future International Conferences on Cyberworlds will be held annually, alternatively in Singapore and in other countries.
Those who are willing to become a host of the next year conference, email your offers to Alexei Sourin at assourin@ntu.edu.sg. Provide as much details as possible including the proposed dates, duration, venue, type of accommodation, program events, etc.

Cyberworlds 2004:   18-20 November 2004, Tokyo

Cyberworlds 2005:    5-7 December 2005, Singapore

Cyberworlds 2006:   ?