It can be difficult when first arriving in Singapore, to find everything you need from where to shop and eat, to medical care, banking services and child care. This website is set up to provide information relevant to us here at NTU / NIE.


Whether you are about to come here, have recently arrived or have been here for years and years, we think that you will find interesting ideas and information on these pages. We hope that families of all nationalities will benefit as we have tried to be inclusive. A Chinese version of the text is being produced and will be put on-line soon.


There are already some great websites for foreigners in Singapore why another one?


        Most expats tend to live nearer the town centre, so other websites tend to concentrate on activities etc in the centre of Singapore.


           Many foreigners have been sent to Singapore by their company and therefore might have a very different lifestyle than the professor living on campus with family or renting in public housing nearby.


The information on this website has been assimilated by volunteers, and is to the best of our knowledge accurate. This is not an official NTU website, and none of the opinions or statements are the opinions or statements of NTU, NIE or any other official organisation.


Please send any comments, requests, news or further information to the webmaster who will forward the messages to appropriate people.


We hope you enjoy and find the information useful!


The NanyangConnect Team



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