Nano Devices

THE NANOELECTRONICS GROUP addresses the development of new materials, processes, and devices for the next generation of electronic devices. Key research and academic programs include synthesis of materials, processes, packaging and reliability. Research in nanoelectronics includes materials used for the 65nm node and beyond, high-k gate dielectric materials, Si/SiGe devices and substrates, and finally sub 500nm materials development for packaging applications . Thin film deposition and characterization for dielectric films, barrier layers, and interconnect structures is also pursued. Integration and reliability of these materials such as electro-migration, stress migration, and dielectric breakdown are actively researched.

The promise of integrated, inexpensive devices that can emit light, perform logic functions, store data, and that can be used for wet biosensing and gas applications that has led to intense interest in organic and molecular electronics devices worldwide. Current research interests of the group that include thin film transistors, organic photovoltaics and memory devices.



1 Dong Zhili Development of a nanoporous transparent oxide exhibiting insulator-conductor transition with potential applications in opto- and micro-electronics devices
2 Lau Shu Ping, Daniel Synthesis of high electron yield nanomaterials for radiation detector applications
3 Tay Beng Kang Synthesis and applications of nanoparticles assembled films
4 Sun Xiaowei A platform of semiconducting nanowires for advanced studies on doping and one-dimensional quantum structures and devices
5 Daniel Lau Synthesis and characterization of ZnO nanoparticles doped with various elements
6 David Butler Development of nano-particulate chemistries for NEMS applications
7 George Chun Kit Chen Development of Photothermal Imaging System
8 Sridhar Idalpatti CNT Applications in Cu/ULK Interconnects
9 Tan Cher Ming Surface modification of carbon nanotube for carbon nano-composite application
10 Zhang Qing Physical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes for Interconnects in Integrated Circuits
11 Zhou Xing Simulation and Modeling of Double-Gate MOSFETs
12 Miao Jianmin Development of Nanocomposite Materials and Process for Moving Mechanical Assemblies (MMAs)