Nano Biotechnology

The Nanoscale Initiatives in NANOBIOTECHNOLOGY GROUP at NTU bring together researchers concerned with the development of nanomaterials, including nanomagnetic carriers, for bioengineering and life science applications. Other areas of interest includes biosensors, biomimetics, biophotonics and bioimaging. These studies are expected to lead to significant improvements in a wide variety of products and processes in the biotechnology space. Specific projects include nanomagnetic particles for cancer treatment and photonic devices for biomedical applications.



1 Ali Abbas Using a Population Balance Model to Determine Virus and Virus-Like Particle SizeDistributions
2 Goh Kheng Lim Towards biomimetic tendons: understanding the influence of specific protein on collagen reinforcement of connective tissues using knock-out gene mouse model
3 Lei Yu Development of Nanobiosensor Arrays for Direct, Ultrasensitive and Rapid Detection of Viruses and Pathogens
4 Ma Jan Piezo-electric nano-structured biomaterials
5 Tam Kam Chiu Nano-magnetic particles for protein purification
6 Yuan Xiaocong, Larry Development of a novel dynamic mirror enabled surface plasmon resonance imaging system at nm resolution
7 Zhang Dao Hua Study of nano-scale Si/SiGe structures for photonic devices for biomedical applications
8 R.V. Ramanujan Nanomagnetic Carriers for Disease Treatment
9 Lei Yu Novel, Ultra-sensitive and Real-time Bionanosensor/Arrays for Biomedical Application
10 Raju Ramanujan Synthesis and characterization of magnetic nanocarriers for targeted gene delivery
11 Sam Zhang Haemocompatibility and Cytotoxicity Studies of Nanocomposite Diamond-like Carbon Films for BioMEMS Application
12 Tan Lay Poh Nano-particles for dental composites