Energy and Catalysis

THE NANOSCALE-INITIATIVES IN CATALYSIS & ENERGY (NICE) group at NTU brings together researchers concerned with the development of catalysts that enhance nanomaterials fabrication, enable green chemical syntheses, control pollution, improve the efficiency of traditional fuels, or lead to cost effective hydrogen production. The approach to this research builds upon existing strengths in materials synthesis and fabrication (including soft chemical schemes, spraying technologies, vapour and sputtering methods) and advanced characterisation (electron and X-ray crystallography and surface analysis). Specific projects includes rare earth powders as catalytic converters, semiconductor photocatalysts for waste stream treatment, and solid electrolytes for fuel cells



1 Xu Rong Development of novel supported enzymatic catalysts on nanoporous inorganic materials and applications in the large scale asymmetric resolution of chiral compounds
2 Tim White Reconnaissance study of La10-xNax(SiO4)6O3-x and Ca10-x(PO4)6-2x(SO4)2xCl2 apatites as low temperature solid oxide fuel cell electrolytes.
3 Chen Zhong Development of nanoparticulate photocatalysts for water splitting under visible light
4 Dong Zhili Effect of Irradiation on Microstructure of Rare Earth Ceramics and Ion Beam Fabrication of Nano-Structured M
5 Jiang San Ping Distributed hydrogen production from natural gas based on nanoparticle reactors