Obtaining visa for Singapore

Who Needs Visa for Entry into Singapore (contact Email: wlzhang@SIMTech.a-star.edu.sg if further inquiries are needed).

Generally, foreigners who do not require visas for entry and are visiting Singapore as tourists, may be given up to 30-day social visit passes upon their arrival in Singapore. Please check here on countries that require a visa to enter Singapore.

Apply for Entry Visa

Visa and Entry Requirements for Foreigners
All visitors to Singapore must meet the following entry requirements:
1.Valid travel document (minimum validity = 6 months); 
2.Onward / return ticket; 
3.Entry facilities to next destination; 
4.Sufficient funds to stay in Singapore and 
5.Visa for Singapore (if applicable *) 
* For details on entry visa requirement, please visit the Singapore Immigrations and Checkpoints Authority Website at:

Visa Application Document(s) – Forms V39A and V52 Request
Participants who require entry visa should complete their registration payment online first, before sending in their request for Forms V39A and/or V52. The documents (Form V39 and/or V52) will be prepared and sent to participants by email and airmail.

To request an invitation letter, please contact
Dr. ZHANG Wali email: wlzhang@SIMTech.a-star.edu.sg
with the subject: "Request for Invitation Letter For Entry Visa Application".  In the email, please provide us with the following details in order for the necessary documents to be prepared for you.

Participants can then use the document(s) to apply for the entry visa from their nearest Singapore Embassy or Consulate Office.
For the list of Embassy or Consulate, please visit: http://www.mfa.gov.sg/2006/smw/idx_smw_omw.html