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The following Links might be useful for MEMS related research

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Local Sites

The Center for Mechanics of Micro-Systems (CMMS) in the school of MAE in NTU is running different MEMS projects, oriented towards high-capacity data storage.

A discussion group about MEMS for the school of MAE has been established on the Intranet. To use it, first copy the link(right mouse button) on your desktop, then click on it to open Exchange (Outlook) that should bring you directly in the folder:
Public Folders \ All public folder \ Common (Staff and Student) \ School/Department \ MAE (Staff & Student) \ MEMS
(Sorry, no access outside MAE yet...)

MEMS Conferences

21/01/2001 - 25/01/2001
14th Annual IEEE International MEMS-01 Conference Interlaken, Switzerland : THE MEMS conference... with only a bit more than half of the abstract submitted that are accepted. Besides the help of a 'big' name :-) a good abstract will have about one A4 page of text and one page of picture, charts, curves...
25/04/2001 - 27/04/2001
Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS (DTIP'2001) Cannes, France : the third symposium of its kind, with a broad focus but an emphasis on simulation.
10/06/2001 - 14/06/2001 (DL 01/12/01)
11th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors and Actuators / Eurosensors XV Munich, Germany : Tranducers'01 and Eurosensors at the same place... a HUGE thing! But still as hard to get in as the MEMS conference...
04/07/2001 - 06/07/2001 (DL 31/01/01)
International MEMS Workshop 2001, Singapore, Singapore : the 2nd workshop of its kind in NUS, a place to be!
25/09/2001 - 28/09/2001 (DL 25/04/01)
Optical MEMS 2001, Okinawa, Japan : the optical MEMS conference, where MEMS with an optics or photonics flavor are presented. The current international interest in optical MEMS (optical switch) calls for its success!
26/11/2001 - 01/12/2001
International Symposium on Photonics and Applications, Singapore (SPIE, aasundi@technologist.com) : a photonics oriented conference with ample space for... optical MEMS!
17/12/2001 - 19/12/2001
International Symposium on Microelectronics and MEMs Adelaide, Australia (SPIE, PO Box 10, Bellingham, WA 98227-0010 USA; Phone (1)360/676-3290; Fax (1)360/647-1445; spie@spie.org)

MEMS Journals

IEEE/ASME Journal of MEMS This journal is good, unfortunately the editorial board is dominated by North-American. You may have difficulties to get your paper accepted here if you are outside of USA. Last year, 62% of the submitted papers were accepted.

Sensors and Actuators A That is the most cited journal in the field. The policy is not very strict and the editors give junior scientists their chance, even if the supervisor is not very famous in the field. The quality has high... and low.

Sensors and Actuators B Mostly for Chemical Sensor papers, they open a new issue on MicroTAS, the editor is Prof. van den Berg of University Twente. You can submit your microfluidics and Bio-MEMS paper here.

Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering A journal of IOP, dominated by European. They offer fast review processes and electronic submission. The quality is average, decreasing with special issue publishing... conference papers.

Journal of Micromechatronics A new journal, first issue appears in 2000. The journal is dominated by Japanese, so papers from Asia may have good chance. The journal covers all fields of MEMS, but the editor has robotics background. If you have a paper on micro robotics, micro manipulators, this journal is a good place.

Microscale Thermophysical Engineering A good journal for thermal and fluids people of our school. The Editor is a Berkeley guy whose interest is integrated thermal instrumentation. All kinds of experimental and theoretical works on thermal and fluids can be submitted here.

Smart Materials and Structures A IOP journal. If you have paper on piezoelectric actuators, piezoelectric thin-film, you can submit here.

Microsystem Technologies A German dominated journal. It favors papers on technology, especially high-aspect ratio technology (LIGA like). Your technology paper can find a place here.

Biomedical microdevices This is a new journal dedicated to Bio-MEMS. The founding editor is Mauro Ferrari, a young guy from Berkeley. Now he is full professor at Ohio State University. If you are interested in Bio-MEMS, keep an eye on him and this journal.

Biosensors and Bioelectronics PropertiesThis journal is for Bioengineering people, Bio-MEMS is welcome here.

IEEE Transaction on Biomedical engineering Bio-MEMS for biomedical application has a good chance here. But bear in mind, the review process of IEEE Transactions is long (it can take 1-2 years...).

IEEE Photonics Technology Letters An optics related journal with a technology flavor, good for publishing short optical MEMS stuff. As it is a letter, the publication can be quick.

IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology For really serious optical MEMS with more optics than MEMS, you will find this journal quite suitable. However the high quality has a price... publication may be damned slow.

University & Federal lab

The MEMS Exchange
in Karlsruhe, Germany
TIMA-CMP Laboratory
in Grenoble, France
SAMLAB (Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems Laboratory)
at the IMT in Neuchatel, CH, headed by Prof. N. de Rooij.
defense agency MEMS research in the US
Sandia Lab - About MEMS
MEMS - UW-Madison
Caltech Engineering Design Research Laboratory
U Cornell - Mc Donald
where the Cornell NanoFabrication center is!
U of L MicroTechnology Center
Marc Madou - Bio-MEMS (Ohio State U.)
UCLA MEMS home page
the gateway to the MEMS in UCLA
UCLA - Hiroshi Toshiyoshi
UCB - Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center
THE famous BSAC!
UCB - Kris Pister
Univ. of Colo. @ Boulder - CAMPmode MEMS
Carnegie Mellon University
Georgia Tech MEMS
MIT - Microsystems Technology Laboratories
Fujita Lab
at the University of Tokyo, Japan, headed by Prof. H. Fujita and H. Toshiyoshi.
Konishi Laboratory
Ritsumeikan University, Osaka
Esashi lab
at the TOhoku University in Sendai, Japan
Institute of Microsystem (IMS)
at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, CH.
at the University of Twente, NL, headed by Prof. M. Elwenspoek


IBM Patent-Server
VDI, Germany
ACLARA Biosciences, Inc.
AIP (N. Tien)
Caliper Technologies Inc.
Cepheid (DNA analysis)
the home of the MUMPS surface micromachining process
Electronic Visions Applications Page
GEMAC - Microsystems
HIMT | Heidelberg Instruments
IntelliSense Corporation
Intersema, innovative pressure sensor technology
InterScience, Inc.
i-STAT (biomed analysis)
Optical Micro-Machines, Inc.
MEMS Optical
Mezzosystem (LIGA, X-Ray)
LIGA products in Germany
Moritz Design
TRW NovaSensor - pressure
PHS MEMS (Silmag)
Plasma-Therm, Inc.
SensoNor asa
SEYONIC (microfluidic - CH)
Silicon wafers
SINTEF ECY Microsystems
Standard MEMS
Surface Technology Systems Limited (STS)
Twente MicroProducts - Microsystems
XactiX - XeF2 etch system


SU-8 technology
everything about this ultra-thick negative photoresist
from D. Banks: a nice online introduction to the MEMS


MEMS Clearinghouse (ISI)
Asian Technology Information Program
Everything about MEMS!
MEMS -- Stroud Reference Database -- trimmer.net (TM)
MEMS-Louisville Links
University of Delft MEMS Links
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