Micro Electroforming for Metallic MEMS

Principal investigator: Dr Wang Xiaodong

Co-investigator: A/P Gong Haiqing, As/Prof Miao Jianmin


Date started: 11/1998

Date completed:


To develop a low temperature process for fabricating metallic MEMS.


There is a demand for metallic microstructures with relatively large thickness (i.e. 10-1000um) in the field of MEMS. For example, metallic microstructures with higher thickness are greatly needed in the actuation system where higher structural rigidity and/or higher actuation force is required. Metallic micro-nozzles and micro-channels, as the essential fluidic parts in inkjet heads, are tremendously required with the growth of printer market. Metallic microstructures with small feature and high aspect ratio are demanded as precise hot-embossing masters for plastic micromachining. The key process technology now has been successfully established in Micro Machines Laboratory (MML), School of MAE, NTU.

Basic Process

pic 1
Fig. 1: Basic steps of microelectroforming


pic 2
Fig. 2: 150um thick SU-8 photoresist molds

Nice SEM!
Fig. 3: A micromachined Ni micromotor

Main Advantages


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