Patterning of Diamond Structures by Bulk and Surface Micromachining

Principal investigator: Dr. Fu Yongqing

Co-investigator:A/Prof. Du Hejun, As/Prof. Miao Jianmin


Date started: 11/1998

Date completed:


Precise patterning of diamond microstructures (or sensors, actuators) over silicon/silicon dioxide substrate using bulk or surface micromachining, and plasma etching technique.


Diamond thin films have been receiving much attention for potential high-performance electronic devices and microelectromechanical (MEMS) applications mainly due to their excellent thermal, mechanical, electrical and chemical properties as well as wide band gap. Selective deposition and precise patterning of diamond microstructures is a key technology in the application of diamond to micro-electronic devices and MEMS. Different selective deposition methods have been proposed, however, due to its extremely high chemical stability, diamond is difficult to be micropatterned by the conventional microfabrication processes. The site-selective deposition of micro-patterned diamond films and plasma etching of diamond structures with reactive ions are two main methods.

Process Description

pic 2
Fig. 2a: Fabrication process of diamond membranes

pic 2
Fig. 2b: Selective patterning of diamond structures

pic 2
Fig. 2c: Selective etching of diamond structures

Diamond Structures

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Current Works


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