Polymer-based micromachined MEMS
optical bench

Principal investigator: Franck Chollet (NTU)


Funding: MAE (SDS 2/2000): S$ 10,029

Date started: 05/2000

Date completed:


The Free-Space Optical Bench concept as developped by Ming C. Wu at UCLA (and others) has enormous potentialities but has yet to prove its usefulness in practical applications. Still, many products can be readily manufactured, because they simply derived from the vast 'bulk' optic based set-up list, the technology simply allowing to shrink them and (hopefully) to use batch processing.

We believe that one of the main problem hindering its developement is the lack of some basic optical elements like beam-splitter or refractive lenses. By using polymer instead of polysilicon material we hope to help broaden the applicability of the technology.



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