The ICMMB-15 is a biennial event presenting an interdisciplinary forum of engineering, medicine and biology. The scientific programme will consist of plenary lectures, invited keynote lectures, themed symposia and free paper sessions, covering all fields of mechanics in medicine and biology, with a particular emphasis in tissue engineering and cell/molecular mechanics.

At this conference, not only will you be able to keep abreast of the latest biomedical research, you will also have the opportunity to discover the unique experience that is Singapore, with its multi-racial cultures and traditions. You can also just relax and enjoy the climate, architecture, and scenery of this tropical island city.

The International Conference on Mechanics in Medicine and Biology (ICMMB) is a biennial event providing an interdisciplinary forum bringing together engineering, medicine and biology. The idea of this Conference was conceived in 1977 by a group of researchers from various countries including Profs. Wen Jei Yang, Dhanjoo Ghista, Helmut Reul, Gunter Rau, Eric van Vollenhoven, and Tin-Kan Hung. Later it was joined by Profs Kajiya and Pallotti.

The first conference was held in Aachen, Germany in 1978, organized by Professor G. Rau and Dr. S. Effert. Since then, the conferences have been held in Asia, Europe and North America. The 2nd, organised by Dr. H Abe, was held in Osaka, Japan in 1980; the 3rd by Prof. M. Y. Jaffrin, in Compiegne, France in 1982; the 4th by Prof. G.C. Lee, in Buffalo, USA in 1984; the 5th by Prof. G. Pallotti, in Bologna, Italy in 1986; the 6th by Prof. R. Nerem, in San Antonio, USA in 1988, the 7th by Dr. U. Stanic (Drs. N. Starc and R. Kenner), in Portschach, Austria in 1991; the 8th by Prof. Wen-Jei Yang (in conjunction with the Second World Congress of Biomechanics), in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1994; the 9th by Dr. U. Stanic, in Ljubliana, Slovenia in 1996; the 10th by Prof. Wen-Jei Yang, in Oahu Hawaii in 1998, the 11th by Dr. Tim Kriewall, in Maui Hawaii in 2000, the 12th by Prof T. K. Karalis in Lemnos Island (Greece) in 2002, the 13th by Prof F.C. Su, in Tainan-Taiwan in 2003, and the 14th by Prof G. Pallotti, in Bologna, Italy in 2004.

Congress ChairW-J Yang, USA
Congress Co-ChairEddie Y-K Ng, Singapore
 K K Phua, Singapore
Supporting Organisation