Principal investigator

Asst. Prof. Zhao Yanli

Research fellows

Dr Avijit Jana
PhD: IIT Kharagpur, India
Joined: Jan 2013
Email: ajana[at]

Design and development of photoresponsive nano-materials for drug delivery and imaging

Dr Zhao Lingzhi
PhD: Fudan University, China
Joined: Feb 2014
Email: lingzhi840111[at]

Functionalized materials for bioimaging and drug delivery

Dr Liu Jia
PhD: Tianjin University, China
Joined: Jul 2014
Email: liujia[at]

Low carbon energy and evironment

Dr Cheng Meiling
PhD: Soochow University, China
Joined: Mar 2015
Email: mlcheng[at]

Design and Preparation of MOFs for Catalysis and Gas Storage

Graduate students

Ang Chung Yen (CBC)
Joined: Aug 2012
Email: angc0048[at]

Materials for biological applications

Lee Sie Huey (CBC-Part Time)
Joined: Aug 2012
Email: lee_sie_huey[at]

Inhalation Aerosol I Drug Delivery

Yao Xin (CBC)
Joined: Aug 2012
Email: xyao002[at]

Graphene-based materials for gas storage and catalysis

Bai Linyi (CBC)
Joined: Jan 2013
Email: s120054[at]

Assemblies of Responsive porous materials & application

Qu Qiuyu (CBC)
Joined: Jan 2013
Email: QQU001[at]

Nanostructured materials applications for drug delivery

Zhang Yuanyuan (CBC)
Joined: Jan 2013
Email: yzhang064[at]

Design, synthesis and application of nanostructured materials

Feng Tao (CBC)
Joined: Jul 2013
Email: feng0062[at]

Synthesis and application of organic fluorescent materials

Chen Hongzhong (CBC)
Joined: Aug 2013
Email: chen0865[at]

Preparation of Functional Polymer Nanomaterials

Tham Huijun Phoebe (IGS)
Joined: Aug 2014
Email: tham0130[at]

Development of Multifunctional Nanoparticle-Based Carriers for Targeted Photodynamic Skin Cancer Therapy

Ong Wee Kong (CBC)
Joined: Aug 2015
Email: ongw0088[at]

Novel porous materials for energy storage and catalysis

Lim Wei Qi (IGS)
Joined: Aug 2015
Email: wlim047[at]

Development of nanostructured drug carriers

Phua Soo Zeng Fiona (CBC)
Joined: Aug 2015
Email: sphua008[at]

Biocompatible materials for drug delivery

Xu Hesheng Victor
Joined: Aug 2015
Email: hxu010[at]

Undergraduate students

Nur Farhanah Binte Rosli (CBC)
FYP student 2015
Email: farhanah001[at]

Ma Xiu Yun Daphne (CBC)
FYP student 2015
Email: xyma1[at]

Lim Jie Sheng (CBC)
Summer research student 2015
Email: jlim032[at]

Lye Mun Leng (CBC)
FYP student 2015
Email: MLYE001[at]

Gao Jing (CBC)
FYP student 2015
Email: GA0002NG[at]

Former members