Intercultural interaction

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Everyday life is becoming more "globalized." We, as citizens and consumers, continuously find ourselves more embedded within intercultual networks of known and unknown others as we interact more and more with and through information and communication technologies. I am particularly interested in cultivating cultural awareness in myself and others. Because of this, I work with two study abroad programs and do research on intercultural interaction, specifically as it relates to the lives of students. [Please see my teaching page for information on my study abroad program.] Below are some of my publications related to interculturality and pedagogy.

Current project

I am currently working on a collaborative project with Csilla Weninger, a sociolinguist and discourse analyst, that maps out coputer-mediated interactional patterns among Hungarians and Romanians as they discuss the past/present/future of Transylvania.


[check my CV page for links to many of my publications]

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