School of Mechanical and Production Engineering 

YT0313.jpgLee Yong Tsui
Associate Professor
BSc (Leeds, 1977), MS (Rochester, 1980), PhD (Leeds, 1983)
Assistant Chair (Students)
Director, MSc in Manufacturing Systems and Engineering Program
Chair, SIGGRAPH Asia Conference Advisory Group

Tel: 67905493


Academic History & Professional Experience 

In the 1980s, worked in software development in CAD and solid modelling for 7.5 years at PAFEC Ltd. in Nottingham, UK.

Joined NTU in January 1991.

Chairman of the inaugural SIGGRAPH Asia conference in December 2008, here in Singapore. Great conference; loads of good contents, some 3400 attendees. Tough job, but great experience and thoroughly enjoyed it. There has since been one event every year: Yokohama 2009, Seoul 2010, Hong Kong 2011, Singapore 2012, Hong Kong 2013. In 2014, Shenzhen, China.

Now the Chair of the SIGGRAPH Asia Conference Advisory Group.

Research Interests

Computer in engineering in general. Particularly geometric modelling, computer graphics, CAD/CAM and their applications. Current pet topic is on 3D shape recovery from line drawings and sketches. We are now able to recover objects accurately from accurate line drawings. We are now extending it to recover objects in photographs.

One object we wish to recover is human, with the ultimate aim of recreating 3D human motion from a video sequence. Plenty of interesting research problems and issues there.


Like sports, keen squash player. But a torn Achilles tendon on the squash court in 2004 put paid to that. Now playing a modified form of squash – your ball must not die before the middle service line or else I win the point. This means we play only at the back of the court – save my knees and ankles. But surprisingly it is still a very good and energetic form of squash, as you now have to drive the ball and a rally lasts much longer on average.

Die hard Leeds United supporter. Have had little to cheer in the last 10 years. Promotion to the Championship in 2010 … well … nothing since.

Nature buff.

Recent Publications

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