Text Box: General MP3 Symposium






(Chairman:  A/P K. A. Khor)



Thursday, November 25, 2004



General Session # 1:          8.30 AM – 10.30 AM


Room: Antica V

Chairman: Dr. K. Hanada (AIST, Japan) and Dr. L. G. Yu (NTU, Singapore)


8:30 AM

MP3-38, Dr., Mishnaevsky Jr., Leon L., (Invited)

Computational Design of Bioinspired Composite Materials: an Approach Based on the Numerical Experiments, University of Stuttgart, IMWF, Germany, Leon Mishnaevsky Jr,


8:50 AM

MP3-20, Hanada, K., (Invited)          

 Recycle of Grinding Metal Sludge by Plasma Spray, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan, K. Hanada, K. Matsuzaki, K. Hatsukano and T. Shimizu,


9:10 AM

MP3-45, Yamashita, Ryo (Oral)

Direct Fabrication of TiO2 Films in Aqueous Solutions, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JAPAN, Takeshi Fujiwara, Ryo Yamashita and Masahiro Yoshimura,


9:30 AM

MP3-9, Dr, Sharma, S. C., (Oral)        

Effect of Mica on the Properties of ZA-27 Alloy Composites, R V College of Engineering, INDIA, Shivarudraiah, S.C. Sharma, M. Krishna,


9:50 AM

MP3-2, Takahashi, Masaharu, (Oral)

Micro/Nano Hot Embossing of Glass Materials with Glassy Carbon Mold fabricated by FIB Etching, National Institute of Advanced Industrial and Science Technology (AIST), JAPAN, Masaharu Takahashi, Yoichi Murakoshi, Yasuhisa Ando, Kohichi Sugimoto, Ryutaro Maeda,


10:10 AM

MP3-27, Umesh, C.K., (Oral)

High Speed Machining of Aluminium – Silicon Alloys-Influence of Cutting Parameters on Machinability, U.V.C.E., India, C. K. Umesh, D. Sarathy,  B. K. Muralidhara &   V. K. Basalalli,



TEA-BREAK:  10.30 – 10.50 AM



General Session 2               10.50 AM – 12.30 PM


 Room: Antica V

Chairman: Prof. Dr. J. Matsushita (Tokai Univ., Japan) and Dr. H. Li (NTU, Singapore)


10:50 AM

MP3-37, Dr, Stephani, Guenter (Invited)

 New light weight materials based on metallic hollow spheres - processing, properties and applications, Fraunhofer-Institute for Manufacturing and Advanced Materials - IFAM, Germany, Günter Stephani, Ulf Waag, Hartmut Göhler, Matthias Reinfried


11:10 AM

MP3-21, Matsushita, J., (Invited)

 Oxidation resistance of calcium boride covered C/C composite, Tokai University, JAPAN, J. Matsushita


11:30 AM

MP3-44, Nishimura, Eiichiro (Oral)   

 Melt Synthesis of Complex Double Oxides for Phosphors, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JAPAN, Tomoaki Watanabe, Eiichiro Nishimura, Kazumasa Seki, Shunji Araki, Tadashi Ishigaki and Masahiro Yoshimura,


11:50 AM

MP3-30, Yogesha, B., (Oral)

Some Studies on the Superplastic Deformation Behaviour of a Ti-Al-Mn Alloy, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, INDIA, B.Yogesha and S. S. Bhattacharya,


12:10 PM

MP3-5, Wongprasert, Yothin, (Oral)

Studied on Characteristics of MIS Diode from Diamond Like Carbon, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology, THAILAND, Yothin Wongprasert, Wisut Titiroongruang,



LUNCH: 12:30 -1:50 PM



Thursday, November 25, 2004



General Session # 3           1.50 PM – 3.30 PM


Room: Antica III

Chairman:   Dr. T. Shimizu (AIST, Japan) and Dr. P. Angerer (ARC Seibersdorf, Austria)


 1:50 PM

MP3-50, Prof. Manshi Ohyanagi, (Invited)

Consolidation of Nanostructured β-SiC by Spark Plasma Sintering. Ryukoku University, Japan. Manshi. Ohyanagi


2:10 PM

MP3-11, Shimizu, Toru, (Oral)

Rapid Prototype of Titanium Parts using FDM Process, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan, JAPAN, T. Shimizu, K.Okada and S. Fuchizawa,


2:30 PM

MP3-10, Dr/Asst Prof, Shivanand, H. K., (Oral)

Comparative Studies on Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Based Hybrid Composites Cast by Liquid Melt Technique and P/M Route, Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India,  HK Shivanand, Mahagundappa M. Benal,  N. Govindaraju,  SC Sharma,


2:50 PM

MP3-32, Dr, Angerer, Paul, (Oral)

Spark-Plasma-Sintering (SPS) of nanostructured Tungsten Carbide powders, ARC Seibersdorf research, Austria, P. Angerer, L. G. Yu, K. A. Khor, G. Korb, and I. Zalite,


3:10 PM

MP3-4, Rerkratn, Apinai, (Oral)

Electrical Impedance Tomography System for Silicon Wafer Characterization, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, THAILAND, Apinai Rerkratn and Yothin Wongprasert,



TEA-BREAK:  3.30 – 3.50 PM



General Session #4            3.50 PM – 5.30 PM

Room: Antica III

Chairman: Prof. M. Yoshimura (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.) and Dr. L. G. YU (NTU, Singapore)


 3:50 PM

MP3-42, Seki, Kazumasa (Oral)

Melt Synthesis of Complex Perovskite Oxides for Phosphers, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JAPAN, Masahiro Yoshimura, Kazumasa Seki, Eiichiro Nishimura, Tomoaki Watanabe, Shunji Araki, and Tadashi Ishigaki,


4:10 PM

MP3-8, Shivarudraiah, (Oral)

Stress Analysis of a Fan/Compressor Rotar Blade under the Influence of Tip-Rub, Gas Turbine Research Establishment, INDIA, H.N.Vidyasagar, Shivarudraiah, S.KrishnaMurthy, K.Ramachandra,


4:30 PM

MP3-23, Razak, Khairunisak A., (Oral)

BST Ferroelectric Material Produced by Hydrothermal Method, The University of Auckland, NEW ZEALAND, K. A. Razak and W. Gao ,


4:50 PM

MP3-34, M.K.Ambareesh and M.R. Praveen Kumar, (Oral)

Analysis on Machining Charachteristics of Spheroidized EN 2A Material by Plain Turning, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, India, N.Muthu Krishnan, K.Prahalad Rao, M.K.Ambareesh and M.R. Praveen Kumar


5:10 PM

MP3-36, Dr, Kwon, Y.-D. and H. W., (Oral)

Stress Analysis of High Pressure Slide Gate Bonnet for Curved Beam of Dam, Kyungpook National University, Korea, Y.-D. Kwon, J.-H. Lee, J.-H. Hwangbo, H.-C. Kwon and Y.-C. Jung,




Friday, November 26, 2004



General Session 5               9.50 AM – 12.30 PM


Room: NTU LT 06

Chairman: Dr. T. Studnitzky (Fraunhofer IFAM, Germany) and Dr. M. Espanol Pons (NTU, Singapore)


9:50 AM

MP3-33, Studnitzky, Thomas, (Oral)

Mechanical properties of hollow sphere structures for biomedical implants, Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing and Advanced Materials, Germany, T. Studnitzky, O. Andersen, G. Stephani,


10:10 AM

MP3-35, Girish, D. P., (Oral)

Influence of Boron and Carbon  in  Hardfacing  Iron-Chrome Alloy System, Kalpatharu Institute of Technology, India, D.P.Girish, Dr. N.Govinda Raju, K.Srinivasan,


10:30 AM

MP3-6, Shivarudraiah, (Oral)

Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of Functionally Graded Al-Si-Cu-Zn Alloy, University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, INDIA, N.Chikkanna, P.Sankaran Kutty, Shivarudraiah,


10:50 AM

MP3-16, Dr/Asst Prof, Muthukrishnan, N., (Oral)

Influence of Cemented Carbide Tip Tool on Machining Ti6Al4V Alloy under Different Cutting Parameters, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, INDIA, N.Muthukrishnan, Sunil. P,


11:10 AM

MP3-41, Dr, Chang, Bong-Jun, (Oral)

Sulfonated Polystyrene/PTFE Composite Membranes for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Korea, Bong-Jun Chang, Jeong-Pil Shin, Jeong-Hoon Kim, In-Jun Park, Soo-Bok Lee, Dong-Hak Seo,


11:30 AM

MP3-22, Prasad, Kamal, (Oral)

Glass Like Behaviour in Pb[(Mg3/4Cu1/4)1/3Nb2/3]O3 Ceramic, T.M. Bhagalpur University, INDIA, A. Kumar, K. Prasad, S.N. Choudhary and R.N.P. Choudhary,


11:50 AM

MP3-15, Dr, Mukunda, P. G., (Oral)

Studies on Wear Characteristics of Al-Si In-Situ Composites, S. J. C. Institute of Technology, India, K.G.Basava kumar, P.G. Mukunda, N. Govinda Raju, B.S. Murthy,


12:10 PM

MP3-7, Rajan, T.P.D., (Oral)

Processing and Characterisation of Functionally Graded Aluminum-Silicon Carbide Metal Matrix Composites, Regional Research Laboratory (CSIR), INDIA, T.P.D. Rajan, R.M. Pillai and B.C. Pai,



Lunch:  12.30 PM – 1.50 PM



General Session # 6           1.50 PM – 3.30 PM


Room: NTU, LT 06

Chairman: Dr. T. Studnitzky (Fraunhofer IFAM, Germany) and Dr. M. Espanol Pons (NTU, Singapore)


 1:50 PM

MP3-12, Rajesh, S., (Oral)

Effect of Deposition Parameters on the Micro Structure of Spin Coated SnO2 Films for Solar Cell Applications, Karunya Institute of Technology, India, S. Rajesh,


2:10 PM

MP3-18, Dr, Bakshi, Sarmistha, (Oral)

Functionally Graded Material in A Ni-Based Superalloy Single Crystal, Indian Institute of Science, INDIA, Sarmistha Bakshi, K. Chattopadhyay, S. Kumar,


2:30 PM

MP3-25, Rangson, Muanghlua, (Oral)

Gas Flow Sensor Based on Silicon Thermopile, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology, THAILAND, Rangson Muanghlua,


2:50 PM

MP3-14, Atiwongsangthong, Narin, (Oral)

Porous Silicon Visible Light Photodetector, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology, THAILAND, Narin Atiwongsangthong,


3:10 PM

MP3-39, Dr, Park, C.H., (Oral)

Optimal Mold Design in Rapid Mold Heating with Flame Jet Impingement, Tech Center, LG Chem, Ltd., Korea, S.H. Park, Y.S. Park, C.H. Park, E.S. Lee and S.H. Lee,


3:30 PM

MP3-017, Prof. Sharma, K. V., (Oral)       

Studies on Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Corundum Metal Matrix Composite, Bangalore University, INDIA, K V Sharma, Dr S Gopal Prakash, Dr C S M Murthy



MP3-03, K. Lee, J.T. Seo*, S. Ma, P. Muhoro and B. Tabibi, W. Yu, M. NAMKUNG, S.S. Jung and R. Hyun, Synthesis and optical properties of cadmium chalcogenide nanocrystals, POSTER

Hampton University, Department of Physics, Hampton, VA 23668, USA


MP3-28, B. Chen*, X. Peng, J. Wang, X. Wu, Observation on the microstructure of seashell and biomimetic research, POSTER,

Chongqing University, College of Resource & Environmental Science, Chongqing, CHINA


MP3-29, B. Chen*, X. Peng, J. Wang, X. Wu, Observation and analysis on the nanoscale structure of chafer cuticle and research of a biomimetic composite with branched fiber, POSTER, Chongqing University, College of Resource & Environmental Science, Chongqing, CHINA


MP3-40, Leon S. Hoffmann* and M. Yoshimura, Melt Synthesis of ceramic composites in the system Al2O3 – ZrO2 – TiO2, POSTER,

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Materials and Structures Laboratory, 4259 Nagatsuta, Midori, Yokohama 226-8503, Japan