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1.          General Symposium


Micro/Nano Hot Embossing of Glass Materials with Glassy Carbon Mold fabricated

by FIB Etching  (Abstract) (Full Paper)

M. Takahashi, Y. Murakoshi, Y. Ando, K. Sugimoto, R. Maeda                                                 1


Electrical Impedance Tomography System for Silicon Wafer Characterization

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

A. Rerkratn, Y. Wongprasert, R. Muanghlua, N. Atiwongsangthong and K. Chitsakul           12


Studied on Characteristics of MIS Diode from Diamond Like Carbon

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

Y. Wongprasert, N. Atiwongsangthong, R. Muanghlua, A. Rerkratn, W. Titiroongruang       19


Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of Functionally Graded Al-Si-Cu-Zn Alloy

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

N. Chikkanna, P. Sankaran Kutty, Shivarudraiah                                                                   25


Processing and Characterisation of Functionally Graded Aluminum-Silicon Carbide

Metal Matrix Composites (Abstract) (Full Paper)

T. P. D. Rajan, R. M. Pillai and B. C. Pai                                                                                 33


Stress Analysis of a Fan/Compressor Rotar Blade under the Influence of Tip-Rub

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

H. N. Vidyasagar, Shivarudraiah, S. KrishnaMurthy, K. Ramachandra                                  43


Effect of Mica on the Properties of ZA-27 Alloy Composites (Abstract) (Full Paper)

Shivarudraiah, S. C. Sharma, M. Krishna                                                                                50


Comparative Studies on Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Based Hybrid

Composites Cast By Liquid Melt Technique and P/M Route (Abstract) (Full Paper)

H. K. Shivanand, Mahagundappa, M. Benal, S. C. Sharma, N. Govindaraju                         57


Rapid Prototype of Titanium Parts using FDM Process (Abstract) (Full Paper)

T. Shimizu, K. Okada and S. Fuchizawa                                                                                  65


Porous Silicon Visible Light Photodetector (Abstract) (Full Paper)

N. Atiwongsangthong                                                                                                               72

Studies on Wear Characteristics of Al-Si In-Situ Composites (Abstract) (Full Paper)

K. G. Basava kumar, P. G. Mukunda, N. Govinda Raju, B. S. Murthy                                   78


Influence of Cemented Carbide Tip Tool on Machining Ti6Al4V Alloy Under

Different Cutting Parameters (Abstract) (Full Paper)

N. Muthukrishnan, Sunil. P                                                                                                      88


Functionally Graded Material in a Ni-Based Superalloy Single Crystal

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

S. Bakshi, K. Chattopadhyay, S. Kumar                                                                                   96


Synthesis and Application of Aggregation of Oxide Whiskers (Keynote paper)

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

H. Saitoh                                                                                                                                 103


The Recycling of Grinding Metal Sludge by Plasma Spray (Abstract) (Full Paper)

K. Hanada, K. Matsuzaki, K. Hatsukano and T. Shimizu                                                      120


Oxidation resistance of calcium boride covered C/C composite

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

J. Matsushita, K. Suzuki, S. Tanaka, T. Ariga, S. Shimai, J. Li, and H. Lin                           128


BST Ferroelectric Material Produced by Hydrothermal Method

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

K. A. Razak, W. Gao and J. Yoo                                                                                             134


Gas Flow Sensor Based on Silicon Thermopile (Abstract) (Full Paper)

R. Muanghlua, N. Atiwongsangthong, Y. Wongprasert, A. Rerkratn, S. Cheersirikul           142


High Speed Machining of Aluminium – Silicon Alloys-Influence of Cutting

Parameters on Machinability (Abstract) (Full Paper)

C. K. Umesh, D. Sarathy, B. K. Muralidhara & V. K. Basalalli                                             148


Observation and research of the Lambdoidal Layup in Bivalva Sheel

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

B. Chen, X. Peng, J. Wang,J. Fan, X. Wu                                                                               154


Observation and research on the nanoscale structure of chafer cuticle

 (Abstract) (Full Paper)

B. Chen, X. Peng, J. G. Wang, J. Fan, X. Wu                                                                         159


Some studies on the Superplastic deformation of a Ti-Al-Mn Titanium Alloy

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

B. Yogesha and S. S. Bhattacharya                                                                                         164


Spark-Plasma-Sintering (SPS) of nanostructured Tungsten Carbide powders

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

P. Angerer, L. G. Yu, K. A. Khor, G. Korb, and I. Zalite                                                       175



Analysis on Machining Charachteristics of Spheroidized EN 2A Material by Plain

Turning (Abstract) (Full Paper)

N. Muthu Krishnan, K. P. Rao, M. K. Ambareesh and M. R. Praveen Kumar                      184


Mechanical properties of hollow sphere structures for biomedical implants

 (Abstract) (Full Paper)

T. Studnitzky, O. Andersen, G. Stephani and K. A. Khor                                                       193


Influence of Carbon and Boron in Iron-Chrome Hardfacing Alloy System

 (Abstract) (Full Paper)

D. P. Girish, N. Govinda Raju, K. Srinivasan, P. Sampathkumaran and J. Suraj                202


Stress Analysis of High Pressure Slide Gate Bonnet of a Dam using Curved Beam

 (Abstract) (Full Paper)

Y.-D. Kwon, J -H. Lee, J.-H. Hwangbo, H.-C. Kwon, Y.-C. Jung and H.-W. Kwon               208


New light weight materials based on metallic hollow spheres - processing, properties

and applications (Abstract) (Full Paper)

G. Stephani, U. Waag, H. Gφhler, M. Reinfried                                                                     219


Computational Design of Bioinspired Composite Materials: An Approach Based on

the Numerical Experiments (Abstract) (Full Paper)

L. L. Mishnaevsky Jr                                                                                                               226


Sulfonated Polystyrene/PTFE Composite Membranes for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

J.-H. Kim, B.-J. Chang, J.-P. Shin, I.-J. Park, S.-B. Lee, D.-H. Seo                                       233


Inductively Coupled Plasma Etching of GaN Mesa Structures for

Microphotoluminescence (Abstract) (Full Paper)

T. Kawahara, F. Fδlth, X. Y. Liu, T. G. Andersson, V. Desmaris, P. P. Paskov

and P. O. Holtz                                                                                                                       237


2.          Biomaterials for the 21st Century


Biomimetic Nucleation and Growth of CaCO3 Crystals on PSS/PDAC Self-Assembled

Multilayers (Abstract) (Full Paper)

Z. W. Du, J. L. Hao, H. R. Li                                                                                                   245


Biocatalysts Prepared by the Immobilization of Enzymes within the Sol-Gel Derived

Hybrid Polysaccharide-Silica Nanomaterials (Abstract) (Full Paper)

Y.  A. Shchipunov, T. Y. Karpenko, I. Y. Bakunina, Y. V. Burtseva and T. N.

Zvyagintseva                                                                                                                           251


Insight into Hydrolytic Scission Mechanisms in Bioerodible Polyesters

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

F. Alexis, S. Kumar Rath, L.-H. Gan and S. Venkatraman                                                    261


Characterisation and Development of Collagen Modified Biopolymers and Their

Cell Growth Studies (Abstract) (Full Paper)

O. Karal-Yilmaz, A. Porjazoska, K. Baysal, M. Cvetkovska, B. M. Baysal                            272


Peptide-Modified Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering (Abstract) (Full Paper)

T. Boontheekul, J. L. Drury, B. Sirinutsomboon, D. J. Mooney                                              278


Preparation of Poly(Vinyl Alcohol)-Based Polymer-Hydroxyapatite Composites and

it’s Application to Scaffold Materials (Abstract) (Full Paper)

H. Tsutsumi, Y. Shibasaki, K. Onimura, and T. Oishi                                                             287


Optimization of Scaffold Based on Biopolymer Complexes (Abstract) (Full Paper)

D. Bakos, L. Kukolikova, S. Hanzelova, P. Alexy                                                                  298


Titania-Hydroxyapatite Bioceramics (Abstract) (Full Paper)

P. W. Hoo, W. Dong, X. Miao                                                                                                 305


Effect of Calcination and Zirconia Addition on the Stability of Anatase Titania Phase

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

P. W. Hoo, X. Miao                                                                                                                 312


Preparation and Characterisation of Calcium Phosphate Bone Cements

 (Abstract) (Full Paper)

X. Miao, G. Lim, K. H. Loh, A. R. Boccaccini                                                                        319


Effect of Zirconia Addition on the Thermal Properties of FHA-YTZP Composites

 (Abstract) (Full Paper)

Y. Chen, X. Miao                                                                                                                     327


Laser Rapid Prototyping Techniques for Fabrication of Custom-Designed Implants

and Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering (Abstract) (Full Paper)

V. K. Popov, E. N. Antonov, V. N. Bagratashvilli, J. J. A. Barry, A. V. Evseev, S. M.

Howdle,  A. N. Konovalov, M. J. Whitaker,                                                                           332


Synthesis and Characterisation of PLA by Melt Polycondensation Using Binary

Catalyst System (Abstract) (Full Paper)

H. T. Tan, C. P. Ooi, M. Chandrasekaran                                                                              340


Evaluation of Biopolymer Blend as Vascular Stent Material (Abstract) (Full Paper)

L. P. Tan, S. Venkatraman                                                                                                     350


Effect of Polymer Structure on the Ganciclovir Release Rate of Biodegradable

Polymeric Ocular Implant (Abstract) (Full Paper)

S. K. Ho, C. P. Ooi                                                                                                                  356


Porous SHA/PEEK Scaffolds for Biomedical Applications (Abstract) (Full Paper)

S. C. Yu, P. Cheang, K. A. Khor                                                                                             364


Theoretical Treatment and Experimental Verification of Selective Laser Sintered

Biopolymer Powders (Abstract) (Full Paper)

F. E. Wiria, C. K. Chua, M. Chandrasekaran and K. F. Leong                                             373


3-D Inkjet Printing for Rapid Prototyping: Development of a Physical Model

 (Abstract) (Full Paper)

W.-Y. Yeong, C.-K. Chua, K.-F. Leong and M. Chandrasekaran                                           379


3-D Printing of Tricalcium Phosphate Scaffolds (Abstract) (Full Paper)

T. Kurniawati, P. Cheang, and M. Chandrasekaran                                                             386


Influence of Microwave Power on Nanosized Hydroxyapatite Particles

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

T. S. Sampath Kumar, A. Siddharthan, D. Siva Rama Krishna and S. K. Seshadri               395


Spark Plasma Sintering and in Vitro Study of RF Plasma Processed HA powders

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

J. L. Xu, K. A. Khor, Y. W. Gu, W. M. Soon, P. Cheang                                                        400


Red Blood Cell Surface Scan via Atomic Force Microscope (Abstract) (Full Paper)

S. Fu, L. C. Kwek, S. M. Krishnan, T. C. Chia and C. H. Diong                                           410


3.          Materials in Devices and Systems (MIDAS 2004)


Mechanical alloying of Co-Si-B based amorphous magnetic alloys

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

H. F. Li and R. V. Ramanujan                                                                                                415


Nanostructured Fe40Ni38B18Mo4 Magnetic Alloys produced by Mechanical

Alloying and Melt Spinning (Abstract) (Full Paper)

 S. W. Du and R. V. Ramanujan                                                                                              425


The Effect of Temperature Processing on the magnetic anisotropies of Ni-Fe-Cu-Cr

soft Magnetic Alloy (Abstract) (Full Paper)

W. Zhou, J. T. Oh and H. H. Hng                                                                                            434


Magnetic properties of Cu/Fe granular nano-particles fabricated by RF sputtering

Technique (Abstract) (Full Paper)

F. A. Khan and E. Kita                                                                                                           438


Structural and Magnetic Properties of Thin Films Based on Fe40Ni38B18Mo4

Alloys (Abstract) (Full Paper)

 M. R. Anantharaman, S. Deepa, S. Swapna Nair, P. A. Joy and R. V Ramanujan               443


The effect of linewidth scaling on hydrostatic stress in passivated interconnects

 (Abstract) (Full Paper)

 D. Ang and R. V. Ramanujan                                                                                                 450


Electromigration Characteristics of Copper Interconnects (Abstract) (Full Paper)

H. S. Park, S. M. Ong and C. M. Tan                                                                                     461


Thermal relaxation of metastable strained SiGe epitaxial layers

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

 L. H. Wong, C. C. Wong, J. P. Liu, L. Chan                                                                          469


Interaction Effects between Calcium and Palladium Dopants on the Mechanical

Properties of Fine Gold Bonding Wire (Abstract) (Full Paper)

 Y. H. Chew, C. C. Wong, C. Breach, F. Wulff, S. G Mhaisalkar, S. L. Lim                          475


The role of defects in limiting the 2DEG mobility in AlGaN/GaN heterostructures

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

T. G. Andersson, S. K. Davidsson, Y. Fu, and M. N. Gurusinghe                                          481


Characterisation of polycrystalline GaN on Si substrate with magnetron-sputtered

buffer layer (Abstract) (Full Paper)

 J. X. Zhang, Y. Qu, S. G. Ma, and A. Uddin; Shu Yuan                                                         492


Highly Strained InGaAs Ridge Waveguide Lasers Fabricated with Pulsed Anodic

Oxidation (Abstract) (Full Paper)

 Y. Qu, A. Uddin, C. Y. Liu, J. X. Zhang, T. G. Andersson, S. M. Wang                                 499


Light scattering and transmission of synthesized opal (Abstract) (Full Paper)

 H. Nakata, T. Shibata and T. Ohyama                                                                                  505


1.5-mm emission and infrared-to-visible upconversion luminescence of Er3+/ Yb3+

in oxyhalide glasses for broadband fiber amplifiers and waveguide lasers

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

Q. Y. Zhang , Z. M. Yang, Y. H. Liu , Z. D. Deng and Z. H. Jiang                                          510


Residual gas analysis on MgO films obtained by CVD method operated under air

Atmosphere (Abstract) (Full Paper)

K. Kawaguchi, S. Ohshio and H. Saitoh                                                                                 519


1000-h performance of cold-emitter formed by MgO / ZnO:Al whiskers

 (Abstract) (Full Paper)

 S. Ooki, T. Washio, S. Ohshio and H. Saitoh                                                                         527


Field emission properties of ZnO:Al whisker-type emitter operated in air and helium

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

 T. Washio, S. Ooki, S. Ohshio and H. Saitoh                                                                         534


Luminescence properties obtained from Y2O3:Eu fluorescent whiskers

 (Abstract) (Full Paper)

Y. Satoh, S. Ohshio and H. Saitoh                                                                                           543


Synthesis of Sr-Al-O:Eu phosphor with EDTA complex (Abstract) (Full Paper)

 H. Tada, A. Nakamura, H. Najafov, S. Ohshio, N. Nambu and H. Saitoh                            555


 Study of carrier Injection from Al and NaCl/Al Cathodes into Alq3

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

 A. Uddin, C. B. Lee, and A. C. Nguyen                                                                                 563


Processing and Mechanical Properties of Hollow Sphere Aluminium Foams

 (Abstract) (Full Paper)

 Y. Yamada, C. E. Wen, T. Asahina and M. Mabuchi                                                             569


Synthesis of Self-Supporting WO3 Multidimensional Networks

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

 P. K. Shen, X. L. Wei                                                                                                             576


Recent Developments of Multifunctional Ceramics: TiO2 (Abstract) (Full Paper)

 H. Huang, Z. Du and L. M. Zhou                                                                                           581


Thermal Stability of Ternary Ti-Si-N Coatings (Abstract) (Full Paper)

 Y. B. Yeo, X. Z. Ding and Z. Chen                                                                                          591


Statistical Study of Simultaneous Nucleation, Growth, and Ripening in an Open

System (Abstract) (Full Paper)

 P. P. Lau, O. Prabhakar, C. C. Wong                                                                                   601


Strength Enhancement and Structure Design of Cu/Ni Multilayers

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

D. Cheng, L. Yan, Z. J. Yan                                                                                                     611


Modeling of the Dual-Output Piezoelectric Transformer Operating at Thickness

Shear Vibration Mode (Abstract) (Full Paper)

J. L. Du, J. H. Hu, and K. J. Tseng                                                                                         620


Temperature Dependent Ultrasonic Velocity and Attenuation in Sm0.67Sr0.33MnO3

Perovskite (Abstract) (Full Paper)

 V. Rajendran, S. Muthu kumaran, T.  Jayakumar, V. Sivasubramanian, B. Raj                  629


A Low Frequency Piezoelectric Actuator for Particle Manipulation

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

J. Hu, A. K. Santoso, J. Xu and J. Yang                                                                                  637


Future Opportunities at the Australian Replacement Research Reactor

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

 W. T. Klooster                                                                                                                        647


Optimization of LSCF-GDC Composite Cathodes for Thin Film GDC Electrolyte

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (Abstract) (Full Paper)

 Q. L. Liu, K. A. Khor and S. H. Chan                                                                                    657


Effect of Nafion Impregnation on Cathode Behaviors in PEMFC

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

 Z. C. Liu and S. P. Jiang                                                                                                        667


 (Gd,Ce) (NO3)x-modified-LSM cathodes for intermediate temperature solid oxide

fuel cells (Abstract) (Full Paper)

 Y. J. Leng, S. H. Chan, K. A. Khor and S. P. Jiang                                                               676


Electrostatic Atomisation - Meniscus Deformation during Pulsed Electric Potential

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

J. Li, A. I. Y Tok and F. Y. C. Boey                                                                                         685


Synthesis, Characterization and Densification for 10GDC Powders via Sol-gel,

Mixed Sol-salt and Coprecipitation: A Comparative Study (Abstract) (Full Paper)

 L. H. Lu, S. H. Ng, A. Tok, F. Boey                                                                                       689


 Photonic Behavior of Nano-Particle ZnO (Abstract) (Full Paper)

Y.Y. Tay, P. Chen, J. Plevert, S.J. Chua, C.C. Wong and S. Li                                              700



4.           Advanced Moulding and Forming Technologies


Hot Embossing of micro- and nanoscale devices (Abstract) (Full Paper)

O. Wilhelmi, S. Mahmood, J. R. Kong, B. T. Saw, B.D.F. Casse, S.P. Heussler,

H.O. Moser, A. Chen, B. Wang and S. J. Chua                                                                       711


Art or science:machines for processing diamond and other ultra-hard materials.

 (Abstract) (Full Paper)

P. J. Heath                                                                                                                              718


Fabrication and Properties of b-Polypropylene/Organoclay Nanocomposites

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

S. L. Liu, S. H. Lim, J. H. Zhao, M. S. Yong and X. H. Lu                                                      732


Studies on Ti-Sn Alloys & Ti-Sn-TiB Metal Matrix Composites by Semi-Solid

Metal Powder Forming (Abstract) (Full Paper)

Q.F. Li, S. X. Zhang, H. M. Kwong & S. F. Pook                                                                  741


CAE Virtual Prototyping for Injection Moulding of a Long Plastic Flat Plate

Component (Abstract) (Full Paper)

G. Chen, J. Zhao and R. Ong                                                                                                  752


Performances of New Lubricants in Cold Forging (Abstract) (Full Paper)

K. K. Tong, T. Muramatsu, S. X. Zhang, H. P. Liu and M.S. Yong                                        761


Manufacturing of M2 Tool Steel Core Insert with Thin Wall Feature by Powder

Injection Moulding (Abstract) (Full Paper)

S.X. Zhang, Q.F. Li and M. K. Ho                                                                                          770


Process Parameter Studies of Hot Embossing Process for Polymer Molded

Interconnect Devices (Abstract) (Full Paper)

J Zhao, P. Glendenning, G. Chen, Y. K. Juay, and M. S. Yong                                              778


Concurrent Design of Metal Forming Part and Tooling via Integrated CAE

Simulation (Abstract) (Full Paper)

M. W. Fu, M. S. Yong, K. K. Tong, T. Muramatsu and A. Danno                                          787


Formation of Anti-adhesive Silicone Films and Their Interaction with UV

Embossing Resin (Abstract) (Full Paper)

Y. H. Yan, C. W. Chung, M. B. Chan-Park, and C. Y. Yue                                                      799


Failure of Sandwich Beams Consisting of Alumina Facesheet and a Aluminum

Foam Core (Abstract) (Full Paper)

M. Kapil, T. H. Yip and S. Idapalapati                                                                                    804


New Processing Technology for Polymers: Electromagnetic Dynamic Injection

Molding (Abstract) (Full Paper)

J. P. Qu, H. W. Wu                                                                                                                  813


Processing Optimization and Physical Properties in Dynamic Injection-molded

Isotactic Polypropylene (Abstract) (Full Paper)

H. W. Wu, L. Zhong, J. P. Qu                                                                                                 822


Research and Development of Water Assisted Injection Molding Technology

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

S.-J. Liu                                                                                                                                   831


New Developments in Micro Injection Molding of Polymers, Metals, and Ceramics

 (Abstract) (Full Paper)

V. Piotter, G. Finnah, G. Oerlygsson, R. Ruprecht, J. Hausselt                                             833


Preparation of Nanosized Mixed-Oxide Powders using Organic Amines / Acids as

Co-ordinating Agents (Abstract) (Full Paper)

A. Tarafdar, S. Biswas and P. Pramanik                                                                                841


Electrical Properties of MoS2 and MoSe2 Single Crystals Grown by Iodine

Transport Method (Abstract) (Full Paper)

M. Dave, S. G. Patel and A. R. Jani                                                                                       848


Automated Part Containment: 300 million parts with no rejects to the customer

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

R. J. Groleau                                                                                                                           855


The Effect of Temperature on the Rheology of PS/SEBS Blends

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

S. Raha, N. Kao and S. N. Bhattacharya                                                                                862


Flow-induced Orientation in Shear Flow and Injection Molding of Semi-crystalline

Polymer (Abstract) (Full Paper)

R. Zheng and P. K. Kennedy                                                                                                   876


The Investigation of Microstructures and Properties of X40CrMoV5-1 Hot Work

Tool Steel after Laser Alloying (Abstract) (Full Paper)

L.A. Dobrzański, M. Bonek, E. Hajduczek and A. Klimpel                                                    886


Structure and Properties of Polymer Matrix Hard Magnetic Composite Materials

Nd-Fe-B (Abstract) (Full Paper)

L.A. Dobrzanski, M. Drak                                                                                                       896


Effects of using Mechanically Alloyed reagent on Self-Propagating High-

Temperature Synthesis of NiTi (Abstract) (Full Paper)

F. C.W. Goh, Y.W. Gu, C.S. Lim, A.E.W. Jarfors, B.Y. Tay, M.S. Yong                                 905


Effect of Blowing Agent on the Foam Structure of Polyvinyl Alcohol

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

B. Kandasubramanian, P. Anderson, N. J. Teh                                                                      913


Online Measurement and Analysis of Parison Dimensions in Plastics Extrusion

Blow Molding (Abstract) (Full Paper)

J.-C. Li, H.-X. Huang, Y.-F. Huang                                                                                        922



Neural Network Applied To Predict the Parison Dimensions in Plastics Extrusion

Blow Molding (Abstract) (Full Paper)

D. Li, H.-X. Huang, Y.-J. Yang                                                                                                928


Two-Dimensional Boundary Element Method for Modelling Creep Behaviour

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

Z. Masood, S. Basri, A. M. Hamouda, P. R. Arora                                                                 935


Nd –YAG Laser Carving of Flow-field Channels in Polymer Graphite Composite

Bi-polar Plates (Abstract) (Full Paper)

S. Y. M. Wan, E. G. Santoso, K. M. Teh, G. C. Lim  and D. J. S, Lim                                    943


Micro Cavity Filling Behavior Studies of Polymer Materials in Micro Molding

Process (Abstract) (Full Paper)

J. Zhao, A. Pauling, S. L. Liu, G. Chen, and M. W. Lee                                                         952


A Study On Mechanical Properties Of Selective Laser Melting

(Abstract) (Full Paper)

S.Ma, K. Osakada, F. Abe                                                                                                      960