Special Session & Competition on "Evolutionary Computation in Dynamic and Uncertain Environments", CEC-09, Trondheim, Norway, 18-21 May.

If you face any difficulties, please inform me ( epnsugan@ntu.edu.sg  ).

  1. Call for papers

  2. C. Li, S. Yang, T. T. Nguyen, E. L. Yu, X. Yao, Y. Jin, H.-G. Beyer, and P. N. Suganthan, "Benchmark Generator for CEC'2009 Competition on Dynamic Optimization", Technical Report, University of Leicester, University of Birmingham, Nanyang Technological University, September 2008.

  3. The problems, Technical Report,  Codes in Matlab/C++, etc. are available for downloading from Here OR  There.

The Winner of this competition is paper #370.

Accepted Papers:

(PDFs are available: http://web.mysites.ntu.edu.sg/epnsugan/PublicSite/Shared Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx)

  1. The Differential Ant-Stigmergy Algorithm Applied to Dynamic Optimization Problems (90)
    Peter Korošec and Jurij Silc
  2. Dynamic Optimization using Self-Adaptive Differential Evolution (370)
    Janez Brest, Ales Zamuda, Borko Boskovic, Mirjam Sepesy Maucec and Viljem Zumer
  3. A Dynamic Artificial Immune Algorithm Applied to Challenging Benchmarking Problems (519)
    Fabrício Olivetti de França and Fernando J. Von Zuben
  4. Evolutionary Programming with Ensemble of External Memories for Dynamic Optimization (720)
    E. Ling Yu and Ponnuthurai Suganthan
  5. A Clustering Particle Swarm Optimizer for Dynamic Optimization (722)
    Changhe Li and Shengxiang Yang