2016 International Conference on CYBERWORLDS

Special tracks and sessions

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3rd International Workshop on Biometric Security and CyberSecurity
(Refer to the Call for Papers for further information)

Chair: Prof. Marina Gavrilova, Biometric Technologies Head, University of Calgary, Canada
Contact: marina AT cpsc DOT ucalgary DOT ca
Publicity Chairs: Padma Polash Paul <pppaul@ucalgary.ca>; Madeena Sultana <deena.sultana@gmail.com>

Aims and Scope:
Security research domain has recently witnessed tremendous growth in respect to all aspects of information access and sharing. There has been notable progress in developing successful approaches to tackle the problem of user authentication. Among those approaches, biometric-based authentication firmly established itself as one of the most reliable, efficient, and versatile tools for providing discretionary access control to a secure resource or system. While state-of-the art methods for biometric authentication are becoming increasingly more popular and better understood, the same unfortunately cannot be said about security of users populating on-line communities or cyberworlds.
The workshop invites high-quality, original and previously unpublished research in all areas of biometric security, including both theoretical foundations, system design, empirical studies on individual and multi-modal biometrics, as well as emerging biometric research trends. Image processing, machine intelligence, cognitive sciences and information fusion provide strong theoretical foundations and drive current state-of-the-art biometric research. Biometric template protection, on-line security, social biometrics, context-based biometrics, robotic biometrics and Artimetrics (Biometrics for Artificial Entities) are emerging areas of biometric, which fit perfectly with overall Cyberworlds Conference themes.

Topics of interest, but are not limited to:

  • Physiological and behavioral biometric algorithms, systems, recognition, performance (includes fingerprint, face, palm, gait, signature, eye, iris, retina, vein, DNA biometrics)
  • Emerging biometrics: EEG, heart rate, typing patterns and text recognition
  • Biometric image processing, feature extraction and matching
  • Pattern Recognition for Biometrics
  • Cancellable Biometrics and Template Protection
  • Privacy and Biometrics
  • Biometric based passwords and encryption
  • Biometric Databases and Evaluation
  • Empirical and theoretical studies, standards and models
  • Multi-modal biometrics (sensor level, feature level, decision level, rank level and match level)
  • Biometric architectures
  • Machine Intelligence in Biometrics
  • Cognitive biometrics
  • Social biometrics
  • Context-based Biometrics
  • Robotic Biometrics (Artimetrics)
  • Security Applications and Biometric Systems
  • On-line Security and Biometrics
  • Virtual World Security and Biometrics

All workshop papers will undergo rigorous refereeing, accepted papers will be published as part of main Cyberworlds Conference CPS Proceedings and siubmitted to major citation engines.
Special issues in "Journal of Biometrics", "Inderscience", and "Transactions on Computational Sciences" (Springer) are being currently negotiated for the selected subset of high-quality papers presented at the workshop.

Program Committee Members:
Marina Gavrilova (University of Calgary, Canada)
Rafal Doroz (University of Silesia, Poland)
Kouichi Konno (Iwate University, Japan)
Julia Taylor (Purdue University, USA)
Patrick Wang ( Northeastern University, USA)
Krzysztof Wrobel (Uniwersity of Silesia, Poland)
Roman Yampolskiy (University of Louisville, USA)
Norimasa Yoshida (Nihon University, Japan)
Stephen J. Elliott (Purdue University, USA)
Victor Raskin (Purdue University, USA)
Khalid Saeed (AGH University, Poland)
Adrian Lauf (University of Louisville, USA)
Piotr Porwick (University of Silesia, Poland)

Special Session on MetaPlastic Arts, Design and Virtual Worlds

Chair: Dr. Gianluca Mura, Politecnico di Milano University, Italy
Contact: gianluca.mura(AT)polimi.it

Aims and Scope:
Special Session on Arts, Design and Virtual Worlds will analyze and trace the advancements of new art and design theories and practices in virtual worlds.

Topics of interests:

  • Cyber art and design
  • MetaPlastic
  • Digital culture
  • Cybernetics
  • Virtual worlds
  • Cyber semiotic
  • Virtual art
  • Computer graphics
  • Synaesthetics
  • Artificial intelligence

All workshop papers will undergo rigorous refereeing, accepted papers will be published as part of main Cyberworlds Conference CPS Proceedings and siubmitted to major citation engines.

Program Committee Members:
Elif Ayiter (Sabanci University, Turkey)
Guido Bianchi (Università degli Studi Milano, Italy)
Natasa Dubokovic (University degli Studi di Milano, Italy)
Gianluca Mura (Politecnico di Milano University, Italy)
Mario Signori (Politecnico di Milano University, Italy)