2016 International Conference on CYBERWORLDS

Past conferences on cyberworlds

The first workshop on Cyberworlds was held in 1993 as the International Workshop on Synthetic Worlds (University of Aizu, Japan) with the proceedings published as a book "Cyberworlds" (Springer). Since 2002, the conferences have been organized annually.

Year Venue Proceedings Special issues of journals
CW2015 Gotland, Sweden Proceedings TVC, TCS, IEICE TIS
CW2014 Santander, Spain Proceedings TVC, TCS
CW2013 Yokohama, Japan Proceedings TVC, TCS, IEICE TIS
CW2012 Darmstadt, Germany Proceedings TVC, TCS
CW2011 Banff, Canada Proceedings TVC, TCS
CW2010 Singapore Proceedings TVC, TCS
CW2009 Bradford, UK Proceedings TVC
CW2008 Hangzhou, China Proceedings IJVR, TOE
CW2007 Hannover, Germany Proceedings TVC
CW2006 Lausanne, Switzerland Proceedings  
CW2005 Singapore Proceedings  
CW2004 Tokyo, Japan Proceedings JCAVW
CW2003 Singapore Proceedings C&G, IJED
CW2002 Tokyo, Japan Proceedings  

The proceedings of the past conferences can be found in IEEE Xplore and IEEE Computer Society Digital Library. The conference proceedings are referenced by SCI, Scopus and other major referencing databases.

Special issues of reputable journals comprised of selected papers from Cyberworlds conferences have also been published.

Current and recent participating journals:

C&G Computers& Graphics, Elsevier (referenced by SCI as well as other major indices)
TVC The Visual Computer, Springer (referenced by SCI as well as other major indices)
TCS Transactions on Computational Science, Springer (referenced by SCI both individually and under the umbrella of LNCS as well as by other major indices)

Past participating journals:

IEICE TIS IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems (SCI referenced)
IJED International Journal of Educational Development, Elsevier
IJVR International Journal of Virtual Reality, IPI Press
JCAVW Computer Animation & Virtual Worlds, Wiley
TOE Transactions on Edutainment, LNCS