Research Fellow and Ph.D. Student


Dr. FAN Hong Jin
Principle Investigator

Academic background:

since 2014    Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University 
2008 – 2014   Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University
2006 – 2008  Research Associate, University of Cambridge
2003 – 2006  Postdoc fellow, Max-Planck-Institute of Microstructure Physics
1999 – 2003  PhD, National University of Singapore, Dept. Physics

1995 – 1999  B.Sc, Jilin University (China), Dept. Physics




Dr. XU Kun
Postdoc Fellow

Ph.D., University of Science and Technology of China


JIA Guichong
PhD student

B.S., Sichuan University
Advanced nanomaterials for energy storage

ZHANG Yongqi
Research Associate

M.S., Zhejiang University
Nanomaterial catalyst 
for electrolysis water splitting

HU Yuzhong
PhD Student

B.S., Sichuan University
2D Perovskites

Nguyen Huy Tiep
PhD Student

M.S., Vietnam National University of Hanoi
Photoelectrochemical cells and perovskites




Visiting Scholars


Dr. SONG Ming
Visiting Scholar

Xuzhou Institute of Technology
Ph.D., Sichuan University
M.S., Nanjing University of Science and Technology

Metal-Air Battery



Dr. YE Fei
Visiting Scholar

Guangdong University of Technology
Ph.D., South China University of Technology

Nanomaterials for catalytic water splitting



Exchange PhD Student

Ph.D., candidate, Shandong University
M.S., Qilu University of Technology

Nanomaterials for Energy Storage and Conversion

Former Members
Zhu Changrong (Joule Associate Editor)
Luo Jingshan (Nankai University, Professor)
Li Xianglin ()
Guan Cao (Northwest Polytechnic University),
Ganesh Duragasi (RGUKT, Assistant Professor)

Liu Monan (Jilin University,
Associate Professor)
Zhou Weiwei (Harbin Institute of Technology,
Associate Professor)

Chao Donglinag (University of Adelaide, Postdoc),
He Haiyong (Ninbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, CAS, Scientist),
Wang Huanwen (China Geography University, Wuhan, Professor)
Xu Jing (Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Associate Professor),
Shen He ()
Ku Zhiliang (Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Associate Professor)
Xia Xinhui (Zhejiang University, Professor)
Ignacio Mínguez Bacho,
Zhang Xiang (Beijing Institute of Technology, Associate Professor)
Cheng Chuanwei (Tongji University, Professor)
Liu Jinping (Wuhan University of Technology, Professor)
Li Hongxing (Xiangtan University, Professor)
Wang Yang (Harbin University of Technology, Professor)

And many visiting scholars. Thank you for your contribution.