Projects for PhD students


1.     Modeling protein interaction networks and applications


Protein-interaction networks (PINs) are the most popular and investigated molecular networks today. PINs are widely used in investigating disease mechanisms and drug discovery. Missing and spurious links and labels pose challenges and undermine their applications in biology and medicine. The student will work on a project aimed at predicting missing and spurious links and labels of protein-interaction networks.


The student will research on various models of molecular networks, the hierarchical modular architecture, mapping the hierarchies of PINs and gene ontologies.  The applications of these techniques and tools to human disease such as cancer and psoriasis will be explored. The student will gain expertise in bioinformatics, network science, and data analytics.



Interested students should email their CV to Professor Jagath Rajapakse ( PhD positions at Nanyang Technological University are available for those with excellent undergraduate transcripts and TOEFL and GRE scores, and are fully-funded. For details of graduate admissions to NTU: